torsdag 15 november 2012

Baptism - As the Darkness enters

As the final song "Casus Tenebris" was ending i knew it for certain! That this latest album from Baptism is one of his greatest! And thats no small thing to claim.

This and like all of Lord Sargofagians work it contains gallons of hatred and satanism but this time a
great bit of empowerment. (at least in my ears.) is heard.

Some refreshing musical variation has also been forged into this work., i have not heard all of his music but compared to the last three full albums (that i also have and really like!) "As the Darkness Enters"  feels like sharper and more on the prowl!  
Feels like this is a new and transcendent era for Baptism! 
(Hmm....strange i felt similar to Behexens new...)

There is still a lot of depressing lyrics and all but it also feels more mentally strong! Like a new internal power that makes the black light brighter/darker and nurtures it all in a good way, strong melodies runs through every song and one of my favorites "Esoteric Spheres"  incorporates some tastefull and atmospheric keyboard parts. Every song is fresh in its ugly fashion and they stand proud on there own but at the sametime creates a big great harsh picture that one will re-enter many moons ahead.high quality darkness!

Now i only wish for Baptism to come over here to Sweden and play!

Nice t-shirt too!

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