lördag 2 augusti 2014

Sarkrista / Sielunvihollinen Split

It feels like double satanic bliss to get a a new split from two bands you already
has fallen for so this review was no hassle to enjoy/write from any point of view.

 Yes it is a good split which showcases both bands strengths in a desirable way, first
out is Sarkrista with its three blistering songs! Sarkrista has a great mix of German
and Finnish sound and it feels only natural for them to finally do a split with a Finnish
band.Sarkistas three sharpened weapons is forged with both dark nostalgia and a conquering
mentality. it is quite an attack but with the last song "Ashen Woodland " they take down the "rush"
a notch and redirects the sword with a more thoughtful fashion, although i like Revenants
shrieks i find his mid-shrieksish vocals to freeze my blood even better.

As the fourth track starts Sielunvihollinen is back strong as ever, the Finnish barbarians
crunch the skulls of the weak with ease and with a firm gripped mid tempo they paints a canvas with cold frozen forests and a warriors madness.
Sielunvihollinen has an older and more melancholic sound then Sarkistas more youth full hate
but them both shine together bright side by side as well as a part.

My personal song pick´s is Sarkristas third songs as well as Sielunvihollinen third song but
all songs is of high standard though of traditional standards...just what they aim for.

Well worth chasing after and the great cover is a good teaser.

Released by :
Misanthropic Art Productions

Track list:

1.     Sarkrista - My Eyes Turn Pure White        
2.     Sarkrista - Diabolic Gathering        
3.     Sarkrista - Ashen Woodland         
4.     Sielunvihollinen - Hurmepolku         
5.     Sielunvihollinen - Hulluuden porteilla        
6.     Sielunvihollinen - Murheen laakso        

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