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Filthdigger Interview!

1. Greetings & welcome! How has your day been? 
How is Oslo holding up?

- Hello. I´m good, been riffing and drinking coffee so I´m good. 
I cannot say the same about Oslo, but I think everything is OK, except the fact that Oslo is the same, lame, and ugly as always.

2. Please tell some filthy anecdote from or around Filthdiggers existence!

- It's the same story that is in the song "Filthdigger". 
It's about a freaky kid that digs up his old grandmother and eats her and do other nasty things to her. Mainly just a horror-movie story that I came up with. And the name fits the band musical style, so why not use it? 
I guess there is nothing more "Death Metal" than digging up dead people and eat them? 

3. How did you end up playing together and when was the official start for the band?

- Well, what can I say? It all came out of the Death Metal band I played in before. 
I made a song called "Filthdigger" and it didn't fit the old band. So when that old band broke up I just took the name of that song as a band name and just kept playing. 
Filthdigger turned out much more Old School and filthy than the old band, and that's no problem for me, because I naturally like the sound, feel, and "style" of the older and filthier Death Metal bands. 

What's important to know is that Filthdigger is an one-man-band, so I play all the instruments, write the lyrics, mix and record it. In the beginning it was meant to be a normal group with 4-5 member, but after some time there was nobody new Death Metaller that popped up, so I just kept it going myself.  

4. Tell me some about the creation of the first Filthdigger demo.

 -  I (the main man) came up with riffs as any other guitarist do. 
After that I recorded some shitty demo-versions of them, just for illustrating the songs. And after some time I recorded them. The funny thing is that I consider "the first" demo yet to be recorded and released. Because I´m not really happy with the first recording (Spawn of the Grave/ Filthdigger). 
So I am actually planning and riffing out the 4th song for "The first official Filthdigger demo" Haha. But If you dont want to know, then I'll tell you. 
If often starts with drum takes, with no backing guitars or no click tracks. 
I just play the songs on drums, and then it's done. After that I usually record the rhythm guitars, and after that solos. 
The last strings will be the bass, and at last the vocals are done. I am pretty fast too, I thing I used under 6 hours to record the "first" Filthdigger demo.(which one of the songs is on you tube).

5. How goes the work on the next release?

- The next release will be the 4-song demo that I've been working and planning on for over a year now. I got three songs down and written, and one last to go. Cover and logo is done, and all that's left is to write the 4th song and get it recorded! This demo will be absolutely old school, rotten and filthy. 
No bullshit, no triggers (I've never done that), buzzsaw guitars and riffs, Death Metal growls (not those shitty Death Core "screams" ...) and pure and real organic production.

6. As you mention on your band page your Influences is Autopsy, Nihilist, Carnage, Death (old),Repulsion, Hellhammer, Bathory. 
Besides these ones and besides Death Breath as i understand you like is there some relative new band that you get similar kicks from?     

- I got kicks from Morbus Chron, until they fucked up and gave out something that sounds like Pink Floyd. But Carnal Tomb (Germany) gives me kicks, Mabuse, Gouge, Maim, Under The Church, Graveyard Ghoul and maybe something else I don't remember now. 
If you look around, and in every graveyard you'll find some really good bands that good to go. Problem is that for every good old school death metal band you find, you'll find 10 bands that claim to be Death Metal, but is not even near playing Death Metal + 40 bands that call themselves "Death Core". Truth is, both of these kind of band sucks ass. 
Keep the music pure and don't mess around with us who actually play it like it should be played. 
7.And which band was the absolutely first death metal experience for you? 
Which album was your first you got in life and which was the latest one? 

- Haha, absolutely first was Six Feet Under, but that was when I was a little kid who surfed the internet for AC/DC and TNT covers, I came over this really wicked looking band that covered TNT, haha, I never understood how a band like that could play at a so big stage. 
Still don't understand that... But really, my first introduction to Death Metal was Entombed. Truth is I found the HM-2 guitar sound separately from the bands using it... 
But Entombed really gave me the kicks and interest to listen and play Death Metal.

 8. Are you still looking to get a full line up? Hard to get hold of death metal people in Oslo? 
Maybe you should move over here to Sweden? 
i guess we have to many of those here haha! 

- Yeah, Im looking for members. But they are hard to find since everyone here in Norway either love the technical Death Metal thing, Black Metal or already have a band. 
Maybe Sweden has something to bring when it comes to members, but as it looks, Germany has the "most" interesting band members or people I could find. Seems like in Germany as in Norway some people get fed up with Black Metal and Power Metal and just wanna do something primitive and rotten again. 
Sweden has always had some bands that kept the tradition, so it seems like the "Old School Death Metal" thing isn't as "serious" as it is for me and some Germans.

9. Some Filthdigger t-shirts in your plans?

- Maybe, but not before the band is a real band with members and gigs under the belt.

10. Whats your most immediate plans now? 

- Get the 4th song done, record the demo and get it pressed.

11. Thanks for your answers & best of luck with your future endeavours!

 - Thanks, you too!  

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