torsdag 4 juni 2015

Jarnvidr - Närwarelse

As Sweden (and most of Europe) withers under the constraints of human invasions one tend to grip after the old times a bit harder...for what was once Sweden and its old cultural heritage that is something Jarnvidr grips & unleashes in its most trollish and primitive way.

Think of it as a bit minimalistic early Arckanum but with a bit more hooligan feeling to it...the feeling of getting a troll club in your face, over and over.

This third full length is almost more dusty and rough then the last album except with some calm acoustic passages one is more then often surrounded by the Swedish dark woods and the presence of something evil.

Black metal this sure is but with an tint of punkish drummings and the grotto vocals is a bit free floating over the music.... yeah its raw and ugly but that just what one can resonate with when your a "old" Swede hehe and i guess that goes for most of the Nordic barbarians also.

Songs that stands out for me is 2,4,9 (the last song has also a sample from a bit mental part of Swedish criminology, one hears here how the "serial killer" taken to one of the made up killing spots gets a agro-fit etc. to long story about this case to bring up here though but its sure makes one smile.)

If you by chance happens to be near a forest in Sweden listen closely and you will more then likely hear the hypnotic tunes of this record.

Released by Fallen Temple


1. Dit dö människor från Hel

2. Urnordisk vrede
3. Gudaoffer
4. En jordfästning i all sin ensamhet

5. Djäfvulens försåt och list
6. Blothäll
7. Grå forntid
8. Mot ett kylslaget Guds hus, del II

9. Botdagen                                                 

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