söndag 28 juni 2015

Putrid Christ - Burning Temples of the Holy

Damn this is so much better release then their debut demo!
...even if some songs is from the demo but they are sounding much better in this  incarnation for sure.

Things must have changed quite big from their start regarding either members or just plain satanic focus!
Either way this first full length throws a slab of rocking blasphemies right in your face!

It is like an unholy mix of the obvious European Nordic cold second wave of black metal but also an equally large bit of American old school diabolic heavy metal and also i hear some Polish blood here and there also especially in the drum department (digital and/or human?), vocals has a good crisp evil rasp & gurgle to them and upholds this fortress just right. some heavy deathis parts intermingles with the other speedy hell rhythms for some nice dramatic changes and all in all the songs in themselves have enough variations to them to make the whole package an pleasant surprise, also production is clear but punchy.

Sounds like this could work great on stage as well!

Best tracks: 2, 4, 7

Track list:

1.     The Walls That Surround You        
2.     I Am Your Angel of Death         
3.     Grab the Nail         
4.     Putrid Christ         
5.     Queen of the Wolves         
6.     Raped in the Ruins of the Woods         
7.     Birth of the Damned        
8.     To Your God You Are Dead

Released by Times End Records

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