tisdag 23 juni 2015

Aek gwi - Forest & Ghost

The title describes the content very accurate!

What you get here is partly beautiful and partly chilling forest ambient music and partly chantings
 from morbid ghosts, some distorted guitar chuggings surfaces that forms like an armor for the vengeful ghosts. All flows naturaly from part to part and the experience feels good, this type of  musical genre can sometimes fall into the realm of boredom and dont give enough to the listener to grasp but here i feel it works well and sometimes it feels somewhat of a movie...without humans.

The promo i got is divided in two long tracks and each track is
dramatized enough and is a bit  meditative despite and spiteful acts of the past. 

As you see this release graces Korean letters and thats because its a South Korean one-man band and just as logical that is the music here has a strong Oriental touch to it.

One could say it is the sounds of  the remnants of a lost Korean world where the energies and souls wont forget or forgive this new hollow modern world that is more or less blind to everything.

Track list:

1.     靈樹林 (Forest of Ghost) - Part 1
2.     靈樹林 (Forest of Ghost) - Part 2

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