måndag 15 juni 2015

Gurthang - I Will Not Serve

This Polish horde have here served up a mighty & heavy fourth album here both in sound and length...

This mid to slow tempo blasphemy is in both attitude and lyrical wise (pretty intricate lyrics i must say) clear
with its themes and a clue lies in the title... well its not directly subtle hehe.

But aside from the misanthropic and life devouring themes also here one finds some kind of soul searching and pondering, as the songs is pretty long (Black/Funeral Doom Metal) there is much time also for personal reflecting and dissecting the emotions.
It is a bit on the long side as a whole album (could work better as 2 Ep´s but thats just me) for my ADHD personality hehe...you sure get value for your cash.

As i first listen to it i could not really settle down and float into this album but after a few spins i gradually "got it" especially when i draw or paint this music can easily find their way into my consciousness...

The production is somber & firm and quite big but not soulless and the wandering chugging guitars sounds good as do the drums and the fitting vocals brings the message as it should.

Gurthang play a style that is not new in any way but its done with a competent hand and goal but in coming creations it would not hurt throwing in some twist & turns to make it come alive more... but then again death is a closer subject to hand here so....

Best songs, 1,3,12

Track list:

1.     Nemesis        
2.     Decaying Tombs         
3.     Visions         
4.     Non Serviam         
5.     The Unconquered Sun         
6.     Levant du Serpent Noir         
7.     The Scarlet Whore        
8.     Beauty of Misconception         
9.     Devouring the Echo         
10.     Equilibrium Pathology        
11.     O Ye, the Sons of Sion        
12.     Szklany Okruch

*Released by Immortal Frost Productions

*Band FB:

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