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2 X Narbentage Produktionen release review!

Let us start off with Unryhts debut demo release "Nīþ".

This two-man band comes from Germany/Bavaria and plays in a harsh but thoughtful and cautious style of black metal, it has mostly a gloomy and negative atmosphere but sometimes it feels more constructive rather then destructive...the songs is pretty long but their ways of doing things really fits the play length with many slow but powerful build ups and (if somewhat traditional) great guitar parts, drums is pretty aggressive in the mix but does not drown the other instruments. The production is raw and sometimes it feels broken and that sounds soo good and suits Unryhts audial creations so well! Many memorable parts to be found here!
Vocals is great and has a very meaty rasp to it, there are some clean spoken and sung parts and they sound great as well! And that means quite much coming from me saying that!

I was really positive surprised with this release and it really grows from each listen, splendid music and atmosphere from start to finish! Grand pain and triumph is floating in this release, get it if you can!
Cool cover art also and great band logo!

I look forward to future releases from this band! If they continue with this quality they will be a strong force in this field for many years to come!

Track list:
1.     Haegtesse     07:27    
2.     Draumas       09:03    
3.     Seoc             08:23    
4.     Waelmist      12:47    

Next up we have Ahnenkult with their third release "Götterkult"!
They play Pagan Black Metal with focus on Nature, Cosmos.

Let me first just say that i cant really listen through the whole songs on this Ep and the reason for that is
that some minutes into the songs a clean voice starts to sing (the raspy vocals is good) and it sounds too appalling in my ears i throw my head phones  away! It sounds silly but these clean vocals sounds like some old man trying to sing along to the radio or something...sorry but i cant come past it, it really turns me off to the rest of the music here.

But let me try to be a bit more objective here i can say that the actual music sounds solid and is professionally played, the melodies is ok but not so much more but maybe some better parts is hidden after the clean vocal segments?   ...i will never know.

Nice cover design though :)

Track list:
1.     Mars     03:56    
2.     Jupiter     04:08    
3.     Saturn     04:32    
4.     Untitled     05:04    
                   Total: 17:40    

This release was besides  Narbentage released by Lupus Tonkunst
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