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Occult Odyssey Interview!

Occult Odyssey is a Dark Ambient/Ritual project from Veracruz.

1.Hailz! First off i like to know something about how it all started this odyssey of yours? I understand that this formation started last year but what led you two into this abyss?

-Yeah, about a year ago I started the project along with Aacīvus Manifiesti around August of 2015, and we began to work on it, which gave as product our first release called “Apertoque Vortex Veneration”. Some pending works remained but I keep on the project while creating more music for Occult Odyssey.

2.As i had no idea whatsoever about what Propolos (κάτη) & Πάν meant or stand for i as a lazy citizen i googel it and only found a whole lot of Greece pages (cant read that) and some pharmacy pages with explanations like "The dietary supplement of Arkopharma contains propolis extract (maltodextrine), which helps to strengthen the body's defenses." ... So i guess you have to spell it out to me like it is or rather how this Propolos (κάτη) & Πάν comes into importance to this band & beyond?

-Ekáth (κάτη) means Hecate, according with the ideology of Aacīvus Manifiesti, and stands for the one who comulgates with this deity. 

3.Besides this how would you describe your own personal beliefs and paths? Is this bands occult digging & experiences one of many ways for you in this life?

-Occultism is a fundamental part of my life, it makes you see life in some other ways and make you more disciplined. You train very hard to handle certain energies that are handled from the ceremonial magic perspective or even to magical extensive readings to elaborate sigils, talismans, among others.

4.Beside gnosis how about your sophia in this specific field? Is the music you do a product from your rituals or is it as a transporter to be used to push forward into the trascendental vortex? I guess maybe both. 

-Occult Odyssey tries to create a lugubrious atmosphere, one of their ends is to try to put down the listener into a low gnosis so he can meditate and some magical aspects could take place, meanwhile people that are not into magic will listen to it, is going to suffer a transgression and will be taken to dark gloomy sides of their psyche.

5.Speaking purely about the technical aspects, what machinery do you use for this high sonic alchemy as you put it?

-We use some floor drums, synths and basic editing software as well as ambientations recorded within the nature, such as rain, thunders, and my own voice in a way to “mantralize” with chants some parts so it could have the desired effect overall the music. Nowadays we are working with other instruments like keyboard, guitars, Tibetan singing bowls, etc.

6.Is some label interested in releasing this demo, if so which one?

-Apertoque Vortex Veneration was released independently by ourselves. Nevertheless after that, Tanathology Productions, a Chinese seal contacted us for the re release of the album in a pro tape, which is soon to be released into the market this year. 
(this one)

7.What can you tell about the sigil/symbol that you use? I get a kind of qliphothic feeling from it.

-The sigil I occupy in the mask is part of the Pazuzu seal, a deity to which I communicate and feel identified with, this sigil can be found in some editions Weiser by Simon of the Nekronomicon, we are already working in new themes for Goetia, Qliphot and some Enochian.

8.How do you see the world if you gaze forward in time say 50 years?

A religious world governed by Islam in Europe and a religious pluralism in America from ancestral and the magical beliefs. Radicalism and sectarianism in some religions have grown in large scale, however the configuration of nowadays magic has risen, where orders are more flexible and take more adepts who work inside of them. 
In 50 years by now, we will be in a continuous fight for the secular power among historical religions and on the other side a growing mysticism.

9.Do you have some further news regarding future releases? 

-We have contact with some other record labels and some other projects to release at first glance, at least one split and later on a release by our own. We have been invited to local shows and have acquired new members a along as Aacīvus Manifiesti left the project and me, Der Cadáver still keep on making new music within Occult Odyssey and some other projects.

10.Thanks for your time! Best of luck with all!

-Thanks to you for the interview and for the time, your art is spectacular.


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