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2 X Necator Review

From Poland comes a cold nostalgic storm wind!

First review here is on the 2014 release "Polish Evil Black Metal Art" which is the bands second full album.

Necator plays a very traditional second wave black metal as base form but what what makes this notch above the other demons in the vast sea of BM is their somber incorporation of subtitle bitter folk/pagan melodies and personal touches... me personally has often a hard time enjoying folk and pagan content but here they are done just right i think. I just love some of guitar parts on track three but every song is well constructed. All is played in more or less mid pace and it is mixed in a solid standard production, not raw but not polished. Vocals is good and is from the raspy Burzum like school, all fits well together.

The songs themselves is pretty long (around 5-9 minutes is common) and the members take good care of what they include through out the play time, it has both some nice icy build ups and bleak interludes etc etc. Most if not all lyrics is in Polish (...i guess) so i cant comment about them but it is not soo hard to guess what the overall direction is heading here anyways. Dark warriors of Europe!

Good atmosphere and solid song writing through out this album so if you looking for some traditional black metal with some subtitle Polish folkish touches this is a easy pick. But for me it took some spins to really appreciate the music to the full extent as it is not really screaming for your attention...

...and that leads me into one thing that can be a negative point to this band and that is the very stripped visual design on their releases, like the logo is just a clean and common font and not a personal drawn logo and the cover designs etc is very low key and  for some this can come off as very uninspired and impersonal image.... but of course i can see the bands rightfully so unwillingness to be sucked into the "metal-metal world" or something and to point all arrows to the actual music and not to some artwork and that i can respect of course... but just bare that in mind that what you find inside of a Necator releases is in (even though traditional) a more rich quality content then what you first see!
Track list:
1.     Zmierzch     07:22    
2.     Wieczny chłód     07:36    
3.     07.10.07     05:02    
4.     Sacerdos Mori     09:50    
5.     Ślepy tor     05:49    
6.     Gorce     05:25    
7.     Morderca (Kat cover)     03:35    
                     Total: 44:39    

Released by Eastside

Now over to the second review which is a 2 song Ep "Ciemności Gór Sokolich" that came out earlier this year.

Now 2 years has gone between the releases and like three other releases have come out that i have not heard until this Ep and something must have happened in the band! Anyway the music has now evolved towards a more progressive almost 70´s feel but containing the brash evil black metal aura...for some this can be a bad thing OR a good thing and i most cases i would think this was for the worst BUT these two songs is really great! It is very soaring and building madness and the vocals is now mixed more under the rest of the music and is more wailing around rather then following some lyrics. Production is also more alive here.

Great and surprising stuff here! Good clashes of the progressive structures and the negative mad screaming vocals plus some strong melodic (but not too much) guitar parts. if this is like a hint on what is coming for the next full length i think that album will be a modern classic! At least for people that can appreciate black metal that dare to go in some other directions besides straight into Satans anus hehe

Track list
1.     Ciemności Gór Sokolich        
2.     Aryan Beauty
Songs here is around 5-7 minutes

Released by  Nocturnal Silence but they seem to be closed now and the label Terror Propaganda has now released a tape collection the to Ciemność Gór Sokolich / Pożoga releases.

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