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BLOODLUST Interview!

Today i interview a band from Australia the land of baby eating demon dingos namely Bloodlust!
The play in a melting hot Blackened Thrash Metal !

1.Hails & greetings to RAW WAR! How has you day been so far in Perth, Australia?

-Hails! Well, despite the usual assumptions of Australia being a hot, dry place, today in Perth
it is very wet and extremely cold so I’m attempting to stay inside and away from the elements.

2.First i got to give congrats to the new (2015) and first full album "Cultus Diaboli"!
How was the process creating this beast? Was there some problems to over come or
was it smooth sailing? And would you say your ways of doing it changed from the
first demo to now?

-Thank you.
I wouldn’t say there were any problems as such with completing the final product.
It is a bit of an unusual process I guess, in that we had never actually rehearsed or played
any of the songs as a band. They were all recorded by Disaster and myself separately with us
only getting together once or twice to work out the vocal parts. It was a slow process in
that Bloodlust has kind of been a very secondary project and therefore I didn’t push hard
to get it finished in any particular time frame. The album could have been released a year
earlier as the recording was completed and mixed but it was a mix I had done myself, which
whilst I was happy with it as I wanted a raw sound for the album,  I thought perhaps a more
professional touch was needed so the album was remixed. The new mix took a while to be
completed but the actual recording process was fairly easy.

3. As your music is labeled Blackened Thrash Metal i would say some heavy metal and speed
is also melted down within your ironclad music.
What would you say is the dominant musical inspiration for you to walk this road of metal madness?

-I always use the label Black Thrash to describe the style simply because it’s an easy
description to use. It is probably not a completely accurate label as there are a lot of
heavy and speed metal elements in the music and probably more so in new material that has
been written. I think the album that really inspires what Bloodlust is trying to do is
Slayer’s Show No Mercy. That album is a combination of Heavy Metal of bands like
Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with more aggressive elements and that’s really the style
Bloodlust is setting out to achieve.

4.Besides musical inspirations how was the environment growing up? Was there something in
life that kicked you this way and how has your surroundings handle your "metal way-of-life"?

-Growing up in Perth, where I still live was pretty easy.
I didn’t have a hard life or anything. I got into metal when I was in my last years of
high school after seeing some Iron Maiden videos on TV.
I basically got hooked on listening to metal after that and then when at university I
started playing bass and then moved to playing in bands.

5.I must say i really like your overall art/design on your releases!
Is someone responsible for that stuff in the band or?

-I have done all the artwork for Bloodlust’s releases so far myself, both demos and Cultus Diaboli.
I basically started this project because I wanted to have a fair bit of control in all aspects of
the creative process, from the music and lyrics to the visual aspects. However with the new album
that we are working on which is called “At the Devil’s Left Hand” and to be released by
Caverna Abismal Records from Portugal, we have an artist called César Valladares doing the cover.
He does great work and I think if I was to try and do the cover art myself it would slow the
process of getting the album out way too much.

6.What do you think now about your first release (not that it is that long ago though)
"Thrashing Black Devil Worship"? What is the highlight of that one and is there something
you would like to change?

-I’m still quite happy with the first demo.
When I first started writing material for Bloodlust I had a clear idea in mind for the
overall sound and aesthetic for the band. “Thrashing Black Devil Worship” was a fairly
accurate representation of what I was wanting to do at the time and I think the material was decent.
It was a very rough recording and the playing on it is quite sloppy, especially the guitar but the
demo had the “vibe” I was after.

7.And on your second demo "Death Magic Rites" what would you say is best there?
I think myself that Infernal Bloodlust kicks ass.

-Infernal Bloodlust appeared on the first demo and was re-recorded for Death Magic Rites and for
the album. On “Death Magic Rites” the playing is tighter and the production is clearer and and a
bit stronger. I think it is a strong song, thus it is on all three releases.
Personally I think the song Iron Tyrants is probably my favourite from that release.
It has some good parts but also a few bits which annoy me, as again, some of it isn’t played
too great but overall it has the energy I was after.

8.Regarding the songs that reappears on the full length what is different from
their first incantations?

-To be honest there is actually not too much difference apart from better sound sound and
playing for the guitar parts and better mixing of the vocal parts.

9.How does the gigging look like in the near future and is there some more music
coming out this year?

-Bloodlust now has a live line-up and has played one show so far but we have a few coming up
in the next few months including a support slot for Destroyer 666 which I am really looking
forward to as they are one of my favourite bands and it will be great to share the stage with them.
And as I mentioned before Bloodlust has a new album on the way which will be released by
Caverna Abismal Records. The recording for “At the Devil’s Left Hand” is well underway and
I think it is a step forward from the material on the last album.
Personally I enjoy the new material as it is quite varied but still quite raw and straightforward.
I feel each song has it’s own identity. I am also working a couple of songs for a live demo
recording which I want to do involving the guys we use for playing live shows.

10.Thanks for your time answering this investigation!

-Thanks for taking an interest in Bloodlust!

Latest news: T-shirts coming soon! Artwork by Jenglot Hitam Artwork.

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