lördag 29 oktober 2016

AntimateriA - Valo aikojen takaa

Some reviews are very easy to write. Either it is so far from your taste or just plain bad OR it is straight away great! And this is the former -straight away great!-

This is pure Finnish black metal and and to compare its sound then it is towards Goatmoons Varjot album, it mixes grim raspy vocals with mid-paced dark melancholic folkish black metal compositions, it leans quite heavy on the melodic side (every song is filled with vivid and solid guitar riffs though) and it sound traditional but they manage to feel very personal in the end anyway. Filled to the brim with soul and atmosphere!
You feel the cold snow and forests and it will also take you up in the sky and further out into the cosmos as this is cosmos glorifying black metal from Finland! And yes it feel more glorifying rather then focus on the terrible eternal black void as the musics atmosphere has a more embracing touch rather then a choking grip.

A surprisingly great debut album and it will be a delight to follow AntimateriAs future endeavors!
Just get it!

Also great photos and layout but that band logo is just superb!

All songs are great but i think  track 3,5,7 is my favorites.

Track list:

1.     Intro     00:57    
2.     Sieltä mistä valokaan ei milloinkaan karkaa     06:27
3.     Tieni kohti lopullista tuhoa     07:14      
4.     Roihuten läpi yötaivaan     05:43    
5.     Kun aukeaa mysteerit kuoleman     08:11      
6.     Kadoten merien hautaan     08:19      
7.     Valo aikojen takaa     07:19      

Released in A5 digipack and regular cd by the great label Purity Through Fire!


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