tisdag 22 november 2016

Bergrizen - Scherbengericht

From Ukraine comes this one-man (Myrd'raal) band Bergrizen, i have know about this bands existence some years but the releases have felt very elusive to get ones hands on so i was more then delighted to receive a copy of this 2014 album release!

I have heard good things about the Autism album and the split with Hexenmeister so i had pretty high expectations coming into this...needless to say i was more then satisfied from what i heard on Scherbengericht, you get pretty amazing music here!

If you have not heard Bergrizen before he (or "they" in this case as a second helper/member Mordeth plays the bass and clean guitars) creates a very grand melancholic atmospheric black metal, songs are filled with strong bitter melodic compositions that you will wanna hear many times over. It has both the grand sorrowful smoothness in the sound and the harsh and desperate vocals (think old school Burzumish vocal heritage) that together clash into a very effective package.

If you look for multi layered emotional nostalgic black metal that dont fall into any silly pitfalls that many other bands fall into please do yourself a favor and get a copy of  Scherbengericht! It is professional constructed but without losing any of its dark soul.
All songs are top stuff but i think the last two is my favorites...extra plus to the mighty ending bit.

Track list:
1.     Withered Spring (Intro)     01:46       instrumental
2.     The Blight     07:37    
3.     Der Wanderer II (Die Nacht des Raben)     07:34    
4.     Scherbengericht (Ein Bild von Misantropie)     08:54    
5.     Die with Your God!     09:53    

Released by Purity Through Fire

And while your are at it look up the boxed tape set from Worship tape that includes these releases Scherbengericht/Autism/Wintereintritt/Verzweiflung/Winter Suicide...yeah nice combo indeed!

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