torsdag 24 november 2016

Nephilim Sword Interview!

1. Hailz and welcome into Swedens own frozen innards! Let us start from the start! When and where did you meet up and realized your black satanic path and to start up Nephilim Sword? What where the main important goals with it and what have you two gotten out of this personally?

- Greetings from British Columbia Canada, the beginnings of my journey with nephilim sword realistically started in 2011 when I recorded the first song for the project called winds of the north I asked my bassist Devin Marshall from my other band at the time if he would like to do a vocal track over the one I had done and that's how he became apart of this black cult. I have not even come close to the goals that I have fore nephilim sword, I will continue to work towards them of course but the project went on hiatus for almost a year. Nephilim sword has been around since 2011 but we did not record holocaustic lord or scorching mountain march till 2012 or 2013 I can't remember at this point, the reason for this is the amount of projects I was involved at the time. We recorded another song around abysmal howls of the pagan moon which is my personal favourite of the songs we have done so far. I personally get a sense of nostalgia now when listening to these songs cause they are old to me but there are new songs in the works.

 2. From what i can find there is one release out, is it a self release? how many copies and is there plans to release it on like tape in the future? and what songs is there to find on it? The ones on youtube is that the whole content or have you only shared some of it?

- I have not yet released anything official for nephilim sword but I have those four songs that are available on YouTube for listening and I have two other unheard songs recorded in 2015 and me and devin are working on 4 new songs so when they are completed all the songs will make up the official debut for nephilim sword and i´m hoping to have that released early 2017. 

3.From the one i heard i really like winds of the north & holocaustic lord, really ugly and chaotic and heavy. how would you describe your sound and tell something about the lyrics. 

- I would describe the songs as some what different yet still staying somewhat traditional with the black metal sound. Musically winds of the north was inspired by darkthrone the lyrics are about resisting Christianity and embracing our pagan roots. Now holocaustic lord is a different story all together, it was ritual after the consumption of a lot of whiskey, I think lyrically we were trying to be a little provocative, a little obscure and perhaps even a little cheesy hahah, its a weird song the lyrics are mystical and dark but still very straight forward.
it was written after the consumption of a lot of whiskey.

4. What would you say is the most important personal quality & experience in a person to really deliver true black metal? 

 - Well first of all if you are going to start a black metal project and make music, I think its important that you the person have been immersed in the music for a long time, as far as true black metal goes I don't really know what that is anymore. The meaning behind black metal could be completely Different to each individual person. I think speaking for myself what it takes is a person who is a seeker of truth, someone who's is not scared of hate, for me black metal is about nature worship, a really cold atmosphere you can find the blue print to the so called "true sound" by listening to under a funeral moon by the amazing band Darkthrone.

5. About past musical activities, i guess there is some other projects under your belts? 

 - The only other project that I care to mention is satanica holocaustum venti , I have a self titled release and I'm working on getting more CDs made, I'm also very pleased to say I will be releasing a new satanica holocaustum venti EP called dwelling in candle lit caverns and its fucking crushing very heavy black metal. I was also involved in a metal band called Evermire but it is now defunct.

6. Say two shit releases from this year and two gems!

- I honestly hate the new Metallica and I'm quite sure why people are praising it so much, Tenth region of the night by Drowning the light is my favourite release for 2016 my second favourite is caught up in the gears of application by superjoint !
 7. Regarding the band name what is your view on the Nephilim? 

-I don't really have a view on the nephilim i did not come up with the project name, the other half of this cult knows much more about the so called "nephilim" he would give you an interesting answer.

8. What is your view on NWO and political puppet shows? 

- My thoughts on the new world order. Now that is an interesting question. I know that it is an actual agenda that certain world leaders want to see happen, its just another communist idea that will fail there are so many traditional people around the world from all cultures and these people would fight and die to prevent any kind of one world government. The government should not be trusted and people need to wake the fuck up.

9. So we are close to the end here in this brief interrogation so to wrap this up can you shed some light into the bands close future, Writing new music i hope? 

- Yes absolutely. Be sure to look out for the debut nephilim sword CD. Like I also mentioned I'm coming close to releasing the second satanica holocaustum venti. I will continue to build this black empire with pure hatred I will continue to create my black metal in whatever way I choose, I will never follow any trends or try to rip off other bands. I stay true to myself.

10. Thanks for your time answering this. 

- No problem thank you for your interest.


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