måndag 14 november 2016

Oppenheimer / Forgotten Soul - Necrotic entities

Unleash the atomic hate of America!

For you whom already heard Oppenheimers great debut demo "American Hubris" will have a good sense of what in store here but to spell it out better for the others you´ll get a crude and raw track with a good sense of (restrained) riff structures, foreboding and nihilistic approach (i get a Finnish feel here also) that is effective and timeless.

Under the songs five minutes you get dragged out by filthy hands then thrown into a pitch black swamp to drown in....Oppenheimer brings in other words another good track that makes you look forward to even more a full length release.

Next up is Forgotten Soul, they (2 members) has a string of demos and splits under his belt but i cant honestly say i have heard anything from them before so i walked into the party here without knowing what to expect...the almost seven minutes track title "The Specter Of Torment Looms Overhead" is a very fitting title as it sounds very much like that, a looming distorted specter crackles and pops inside a raw and minimal tormented production. it has a more loose construction here compare to Oppenheimer even if they share a similar taste in harshness they are pretty different.

The atmosphere here is its strength rather the composition but that is totally fine and both bands together makes this a interesting ugly split tape.

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