onsdag 9 november 2016

Black Metal Warfare 4-way split review

Let us go into Germanys Dungeons and listen to this record!
Yeah i am soo funny... anyways Into Dungeons Records have here gathered four foul auras and engraved them forever into black slabbing vinyl! All the bands here is very much enlightened by the second wave black metal.

To start of this nun slaughtering party we have a German band called Intempestus!
It is primitive and filthy sounding, its is quite speedy and engaging but nothing  special really &
and dont inspire me to search more from the band. nothing that sticks in your mind but nevertheless a ok
 start of the split.

Next things start to get better with Antares (also from Germany), here we have a bit slower tempo and a richer slab of raw compositions that as a whole gives me the visions of a hunting Carpathian castle where a lone gestalt withers...very nice atmospheres and has a firm personality! I look forward to more from this band.

Then comes the Greece 2-man band Necrohell! I have heard songs from them before that i really liked and they dont dissapoint here either, they play a very raw but melodic music where cold forest melancholy mixes with sharp killing riffs , grand and ugly. Sinister and inspiring. Also check out Necrohells second and third albums Carpathian Nights & Possessed by Nocturnal Grimness. Grim harvest all the way!

And at the final spot Vent (Germany) steps up the game for a final stretch with this release most personal sounding track of the bunch, a bit bigger sound and not soo harsh sound and includes eerie clean chants, slower tempo again but dripping with soul draining atmospheres. also some nice welcomed different compositions here and there that creates a curious dramatic vibe. Good shit! Check out if you can find the first demo " Reliquiae Doloris" also.

All in all a solid split release! When its more then 2 bands on a split it feels for me more like a band sampler rather then a coherent creation but that does not lessen the songs quality, and also nice to get a collected taste of these obscure bands.

Track list:

Side A - Black
1.     Intempestus - Rites     04:18    
2.     Antares - Revelations     03:22    
Side B - Metal
3.     Vent - Ariditas!     04:41    
4.     Necrohell - Throne in the Vast Forest     03:14    

7" vinyl (33⅓ RPM) / 500 copies

label link

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