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Daemon Foetal Harvest Double Review!

From New South Wales Australia come this death metal band and what first got my attention for them was this album art to their first album "Where It Dwells"(2011), it stood easily out from the crowded death plateau. I really liked the mix of (adult) fairy tail motive and monstrous drooling vision.

To my ears Daemon Foetal Harvest play a mix of old school death and "modern", i feel they honor the past masters (Morbid Angle, Immolation etc) and at the same time live in the present times.... it has pretty savage riff style here that chugs hard and at times almost groovy and at all times headbanger provoking, and i really like the medium dark growls that also shrieks from time to time, intense! Lyrics is more towards serial killer morbid mind states and gore rather then what the cover suggests but they are well written anyhow so that is fine (and disturbs as it is intended to do). even if i enjoy this album as a whole i must say that that song 6,7 and 10 is where they really hit the jackpot! Even if there is blasts and some furious chunks and parts here the overall feeling i get is a more looming beast peace...like a sound track to a monster slowly creeping around in some damp woods.

 Most of the songs are your bloody meat and potatoes death metal which is nothing wrong with but these three songs as mentioned is blasting through that and made me hopeful for their next album assault. A extra plus must be given to the intro where you hear a beast take a baby from a crying mother then suddenly you hear Agent Mulder explaining to Scully that this a case of classic Daemon Foetal Harvest! haha that cracks me up every time!

Track list:
1.     Intro     00:41    
2.     I Butchered Them All     03:39    
3.     Riddled With Parasites     04:52    
4.     Hogtied & Headless     03:55    
5.     Dead Before I Started     04:43    
6.     Dismembered, Buried, Forgotten     03:26    
7.     Buckled Body Abortion     04:18    
8.     Innocence to Incineration     03:36    
9.     I'm Always Watching You     05:21    
10.     Where It Dwells     06:28    

Over to the second and latest album!
My hopes where more then fulfilled god damn!

This album is a beast and a half! Everything has been churned up to max!
And besides the new found brutality the riffs and compositions is much stronger and more memorable, vocals is like before but also they are even more hateful and insane. Production was good in first album but here it feels even more meatier and organic. I cant really get enough of some songs here like the first and the third and the forth and sixth and and and...hehe yeah it is one of the best death metal albums i have heard for some time actually (others are God Diseases Rebirth of Horror and Carnal Tombs Rotten Remains) Lyrics is like last time pretty much inside the dark gory murder themes but also some like found in the title track a bit on the satanic side with text like "once exiled angel planted his seeds"...thinking of Lucifer.
If you looking for a massive death metal album with delivers both mean grooves, sadistic blasts, riffs that cut your head off and strong melodies  look no further the Daemon Foetal Harvests Beasts of Tribulation (2015)!
Deadly stuff!

Track list:
1.     Rotten Servants Chamber     03:26    
2.     Beasts of Tribulation     03:37    
3.     Procured for Torment     04:44    
4.     Hideous Violation     03:22    
5.     Her Lifeless Mouth     03:09    
6.     Spectrophilia     04:11    
7.     I Love Dissecting Girls     03:00    
8.     Beaten, Eyes Hanging from Sockets     03:51    
9.     Against Their Will     03:24    
10.   Crotchless and Bled Out     05:26    

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