lördag 4 februari 2017

Megalith Grave / Entsetzlich - Beyond Morbid Fascinations of Cryptic Spirits

Hatework crawls up on the corps filled shore once again and presents us a  7" split with two very raw & macabre entities from the deep underground...

 Megalith Grave gets the first cut and if you have not heard MG music before it is the sound track to a dungeon filled with rats and limbs! All is primitive and negative to its core both in the compositions, vocals and production. It is obviously not for the casual black metal listener as it tries not to be welcoming in the slightest....i get some vibes of early Drowning the Light in the song and that can never be a bad thing.
It has a nice suffocating atmosphere and let you have no hope for tomorrow.

Next up we have Entsetzlich, this act has been around some time and it is more then great to see material on wax for the first time from him. Entsetzlich has always been a interesting satanic cacophony with much music improvised and looking outside the frameworks of "normal" song compositions...so if first song on the split is the "way" to your death this song is where your puny soul stumble its last steps and falls into the ravine of despair. Bleak drumming and buzzing loops with screams and cries from inside the damp cellar.

All in all this is an demented, introverted ghost symphony in 2 acts, with two bands that dont care in the slightest what you think of them.

Worth getting of course but dont come expecting any fancy pants!
And also worth getting any previous material from these two artists if you can find some.

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