torsdag 23 februari 2017

Arkhaeon - Beyond we have the second album from the Switzerland based band Arkhaeon.... they like to call their music Black metal but it is quite far from it, well the lyrics is at least more or less from an satanic existentialistic occult point of view but the music is a mix of some generic black metal riffs but mixed in a cavernous sound and the vocals in some parts is in a dramatic wailing/screaming that is ok but also a bit annoying after awhile....but then it starts to put in compositions more in a 80´s dark synth style or something and some parts even sounds like some damn musical (mostly in the vocals), they play around with quite long ambient parts with inclusen of some  tame guitar pickings and whisperings etc to try to sounds as "spiritual" as they can. 
And the whole 33 minutes album is in one long track so one cant skip over some tracks which is more tedious then interesting.

 I dont know what to say but first time i heard it i almost blushed from embarrassment, yeah it is pretty awful all together.

They know their instruments and sound mixing and all so it sounds professionally done but nothing can help this missguided mess, for the record i have nothing against experimentation in music but sometimes it goes soo wrong!

The best thing about this release is the first few minutes and the last 3 minutes (expect the absolutely last 30 seconds which sounds like a musical again) & its layout and production design which feels classy and neat.

This was released by BergStolz, regarding this label they have put out some good stuff so dont make this album turn you off from its other releases, check out the releases from bands like Enoid, Freitod, Menegroth, Forbidden eye.
 Many good things to dig up!

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