söndag 5 februari 2017

Funerary Temple - Lerderderg

The Australian label Australibus Tenebris have since its birth in and around 2013 been very active and prolific and with bands like Mardraum, Rattenkönig & Goatblood they did not go unnoticed...

So here we have another hell-horse from the stable and it is a really pest-filled tomb, as one that knows the other bands mentioned it comes to no surprise that this is of a high standard, ultra raw and brings vibes of  a foul wind. Hateful crackling vocals spire up into the engulfing dreadful compositions and brings a sharp smile unto my face.  It is a very nice witch soup this!

Besides the nice bitter atmosphere this demo brings also a fair enough of  bleak melodies, it has some really strong parts really and i would not be surprised that their (hopefully) coming album will be a ice breaker from this 2-member band.

A strong second demo that does the underground black metal justice. Seek it up!

All is good but i think track 2 and 3 is the best.

Track list:

1.     Odious Vermin     04:16    
2.     Lerderderg     06:53    
3.     Forgotten and Left to Rot in a Shallow Grave     04:55    
4.     Path to Decay     05:51    

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