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Dom Dracul Double album review!

Time to swing by my home country Sweden this time and review the second (sort of) coming  of  the black metal artist Lord Therramons Dom Dracul!

But before we dwell into the new releases let us take a look on what came before.

From what i understand he started his activities with DD in 1998 and some early demo called Alkoholic Evil was released...probably self released but i am just guess as there is little to no info to find about it, then in 2004 the first official demo "Genocide in the Name of Satan" was out on tape (and perhaps on cd...) by  Satanic Propaganda Records.
In this demo he has found pretty much his sound which will run through all of his future music as a base, he plays a very traditional Skandinavian second wave black metal, mostly mid paced and grim compositions, lyrics is as you can assume from looking at the visuals..nothing more and nothing less. Vocals are raw and gurgly but also is quite easy to hear what he sings. Production here is a bit muddy and semi-raw. A promising start but nothing more...

The year after the demo the full album "Attack on the Crucified" was released but that one i have never really heard except some track here and there which sounded cool but i cant really say much about that and that goes also for the split "Satanic Butchery". ( with Necroplasma / Sarin / Capitis Damnare .)

Then it got quiet for around 10 years!

I have no clue why this was but i know these two "new" albums that is reviewed down under here was created in 2002 and 2005...and that means that the split is the newest recordings by Lord Therramons (if now that track was made in 2006 as the split was releases), dont know why they did not see the day of light back then but i am glad they are out from the grave now!

-Cold Grave-

This album that seems to be DD first real album plays out as much as the early demo but with cleaner production, as a whole this album is a solid release perhaps not so exiting to listen to as he creates a very familiar atmosphere and sound, some light European pagan melodies can be heard in some guitar parts which works nicely. Mid paced and cold as the other releases but also i found some songs like Mighty Winter has some first wave black metal a bit like Mordant whom flirts with some heavy metal compositions.
Lyrics is of standard satanic concepts and vocals is also raspy and slimy as before, works good all together and i think the album is well worth getting as serves up a well cooked demon stew, you have eaten it many times before but it still tastes good. Fifth track is one of my favorites...oh and it is a bit of a short album but it does not hurt to spin it again then.

By the way i must be dumb but i SO recognizes the base melodie on Sons of the North United! From what i understand this is not a cover song but i guess he put his own spin on this old compositions...wherever it is from.

Track list:
1.     Intro - The Birth of Evil     02:21    
2.     Mighty Winter     05:14    
3.     Heil the Apocalypse     03:22    
4.     Sons of the North Unired     03:42    
5.     Unleashed from the Abyss     03:38    
6.     Blackened Sight     04:38    
7.     Cold Grave     04:09    

- Devil Dedication -

For me this is where DD hit its head on the Jesus nail! This is a great album in other words!
All the compositions are more tighter and the riffs more intense and the overall atmosphere drips with hate and creativity, it feels like a more indepth developed construction and you enjoy every minute here, yes he has still his signature sounds as before but here he has pushed further into the waltz inferno with the devil himself and as a result this is the best stuff i have heard from Dom Dracul...grander & altogether an engaging attack!
...i wonder if the first released album that came out the same year as this was made if that one was also made in 2005? Probably not but i feel inclined now to really listen to that one if its holds a candle against Devils Dedication or not.

 The subtle pagan melodies that was on Cold Grave is nowere to be found here but that is no big issue when it is as enjoyable is this is.The lyrics even feels more inspired.

 All songs are good but my best three tracks is: 1,3,7

Track list:
1.     Devil Dedication     04:16    
2.     Hell Is Here     04:31    
3.     Beyond Order and Chains     04:41    
4.     Luciferian Light     04:52    
5.     True Spirit of Evil     05:50    
6.     All for Satan     04:47    
7.     Dead, Angry and Drunk     04:28    
                         Total: 33:25

These albums are released by Sun & Moon Records, nice print and paper quality for a great final touch.
 Label link:

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