tisdag 7 februari 2017

Malleficarum - Shadows from the Walls of Death

Evil spectral night skies decent unto our scorched earth.

The Mexican great underground label Caligo Arcanum Productions brings forth here a new (plus one old) opus from the 2-member band Malleficarum!

The first thing that got me going was that the vocalist Besharth from Immature Morte was one half of this duo, his vocals is really great and totally mental and hateful blown through a utter cruel dist! Love it!
So with that part secured i just hoped the other member Lugubrum Malleficarum (dont know any former band activities) could suit up and match Besharths performance.... and he does!

Their sound is firmly based on the second wave black metal with quite long wandering compositions that drip of cold vast landscapes, remembrance of the old and negativity. If you have been into BM for awhile you will feel quite easy at home here as it is very traditional in its construction and melodies but that being said Malleficarum does not sound like a tired copycat... no it has more then enough of its own scarred soul and purpose.
As i said the vocals kills in Besharths personal brutal way and infuse and melts into the great musical score and the production is both raw and clear and nicely fronted. Good delivery from start to finish!

Now the text above is directed to the first 4 tracks which is the new Ep the text under here is for the extra bonus material which is the Ep "Chalice of Obscure Conjurations" that came before this in 2015.

First thing you hear is that the production is not as good and is quite muffled and low, not that nice satanic fack punch as in the first 4 songs. The music is good though but not really reaches the standard of the new stuff, the taste of compositions is as before and it is enjoyable to to listen to and i am glad they included it as i guess the original release is not easy to get hold of anymore... if this was the first Ep i would had review on Malleficarum i would said that this is an interesting start (even if there is an even earlier demo from2006  but i have not heard it) but it would need a bit more memorable riffs and melodies....

All in all this is a top release thanks much to the new Ep! 

Track list:

1.     Shadows from the Walls of Death     06:22    
2.     Sacred Carrier Of Chaos     06:43    
3.     Remains Of Ashen Light     04:10    
4.     The Curse has Come     10:09    

5.     L.F.O.W     03:58    
6.     Possession of Hate     04:29    
7.     Bring the Sacrifice     03:57    
8.     Covenant of the Black Flame     07:00    

This is how the first demo from 2006 looks like, like the look a lot! wonder how it sounds...

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