onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Tortorum - Extinctionist

Released earlier this year this debut album from Tortorum made some noticeable waves around and when i read the background on the two front men Skyggen & Barghest (Dead to this World, Spearhead etc) it made me realize that i had to get this!

And it was soo easy (thats not always a good thing...) to get into this album! After the moody Bathoryish intro the record just brutally bash your head in from the start to the bloody finish (9 songs)! And with the members history in mind it is not a surprise that some of the tracks leans a bit toward death never to much just with the right amount of black pepper into it!

Vivid streams & hints of Polish black/death metal like Infernal War sweaps and cuts your eardrums but even more 90´s old school sounds like some Darkthrone and such is here to. The singning is on the same page and mix as the rest of the music and fits very well.

The production & mixing is loud and hard and clear but never overshadows the madness and hate.

Hope this guys will put put out more material soon because one gets a increasing craving real quick!

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