tisdag 1 januari 2013

Drowning the Light - A World Long Dead

I slowly drag up this classic from 2006/07 as my number one post to this first teenaging millenium year 2013!

I thought it would be fitting to once again look back in anguish of a world long dead.

This release is stated by Azgorh to be the last cd reprinting (1000 copies) so buy it now if you want it!
This release even has the 4-track Ep "Vampyric Winter" as a bonus!

Over to the music, it all starts with one of the best, melancholic & beautiful keyboard intros i heard from DTL after that the first song cracks open and the grim & raw buzz rolls up and engulfs you, this sea of melodic but black sorrow flows a long through one song into the next, it feels like you standing on a vast and cold shore and you know your life will soon come to an end...
The vocals is in the same raspy hatred as in your typical DTL release but on this album the utter grief is more present and it cementes the the ground vibe of the whole record.

Songs like "Fate Forged in the Name of Satan" & "Mysteriis Anguis" attacks from both sides and speeds up the war greatly, after the little interlude the last & also the titletrack "A World Long Dead (Time Heals Nothing)" ends this part of the cd, it is a ten minutes somewhat medetative and depressive closure to it all and it is a fitting song for just that to.

All in all a great DTL album with strong compositions and arrangements with true emotions!

Track list of "A World Long Dead":

1.     Tears of a Dead God         
2.     The Haunted Ruins of a Vampyric Soul        
3.     Dark Whispers of Torment         
4.     Fate Forged in the Name of Satan         
5.     Mysteriis Anguis         
6.     Nostalgic Grief         
7.     A World Long Dead (Time Heals Nothing)     

And now the bonus ep starts with another keyboard intro but this time not as masterly as the first but it has enough of dark aura in it to feel motivated, the two "real" songs here is of high standard and is a bit sharper mixed and is a bit more agro at least in my eardrums.
The the last track "Frozen Stare" is an nice guitar outro that leaves you with an lonly chill when it ends, this bonus fits right in with the main title.

 I´m glad to get it in this physical form now when it is hard to get, but i think i´m sic enough to buy Vampyric Winter if i come across it in its original  vinyl outing though.
Love the cover also! (both of them!!!)

Track list of "Vampyric Winter":

1.     Black Candles Burning Out         
2.     Vampyric Winter         
3.     Last Sunset of a Dying Autumn         
4.     Frozen Stare        

The only thing i miss is the text to the lyrics...

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