torsdag 24 januari 2013

Dødsfall - Kronet i Svart Eld

So this was no suprise! This Eps five songs holds a high hatefull spirit!

This piece of god/lifespitting music has the its heart in the "second wave" with the likes of Gorgoroth etc but at the same time it has much of an internal ego & flame to feel timeless.... and thats not so strange when the members comes from bands like Ancient, Moonlight, Infuneral.

From the intro through the first bitter track ( written by Fauk of Hordagaard.) the feeling is cemented in a bleak harrowfull midtempo state, second track heat up the tempo a bit but it is the third track "Mørkrets Sirkel" i feel that all the darkness really comes togeather and rips of your face! The sound is a nice mix of raw and meaty and the singing is splendid especially from song two and forward, V-Rex snarls and shrieks in an maniac satanic style that so sweet and nasty.

Fourth song feels like an continuation of the third song but it builds up to the semi climax well and let the last track act like an moody deathcarrige away into the sunset of no return.

All fans of 90´s satanic Norwegian Black metal should get this! (The vinyl version also has a six track but thats a tribute to Beastcraft.)

Track list:

1.     I Skuggans Famn     
2.     Av Død Skal Du Herske         
3.     Mørkrets Sirkel         
4.     Inn I Fjellets Dypeste Dyp         
5.     Gal Tjener      instrumental

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