söndag 6 januari 2013

Weapon - From the Devil´s Tomb

Time for some blackened death metal!

This Canadian hord is one of the "New Millenium" bands that have studied the original school of death and taken that inspiration and cultivation and morphed it into their own "neo-blood" thus birthing a new golden dawn of misery and soundscapes!

Weapon combines the old primal anguish & anger from death & black (Morbid Angel, Deicide) metal of the early 90´s with a new more calculated approach without loosing the "true" aspect of it all.

Even "occult" nostalgia is felt here between the brutal riffs and smashing drumbeats, the songs is quite long (from 3 to 8 min) but they are evolving in a good piece and the ritualistic vibes is poured into your blood in an pleasing way.
Many interesting and varid parts flows into one to another and some oriental compositions gives the whole impression an extra push to the black skies.

 Epic guttural dark mysticism!

Track List:

1.     From the Devil's Tomb    
2.     Vested in Surplice, and Violet Stole    
3.     Furor Divinus    
4.     Vortex - 11724    
5.     Lefthandpathyoga    
6.     The Inner Wolf    
7.     Sardonyx    
8.     Trishul    
9.     Towards the Uncreated    

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