fredag 25 januari 2013

The Sarcophagus - Towards the Eternal Chaos

As i said the other day my relitted urge to embrace this album again and give you folk a review!
Well! Here it is...

This Turkish hordes first full-album is a gem (in turmoil!) and it was a fulfilling journey to listen to it again!
This is a well made & respect inducing melodic & epic black-metal piece that never let you go until you are dead... a delightfull death i might add.

The intro is as symphonic as it gets and then the first "real" (track 2) song starts of with a bang and you feel the ancients swirwling around the mountains tops  with Niklas Kvarforth at the frontline bleeding & screams! He doeas a superb job through out the whole record and gives the echoing sharp strings/keybords/acoustic interludes & choirs a suitable brutal and insane black aura.

Every song evolves with many different compositions and the blastbeats and fast riffing is striking the ass of god the whole time.
A chaotic stampede of reapers rustles up on your back and into your soul....
....enter the halls of forever.

Generally i dont like this grand and orchestral style in my black metal but as you now understand this is a big exception.Seek it up!

The stand out songs for part is number: 2, 4,7,8

Track List:

1.     Towards the Eternal Chaos         
2.     The Legend Sleeps Behind the Mountains         
3.     Hymn to Awakening         
4.     Age of Demons    
5.     The Sarcophagus         
6.     A Funeral Opus         
7.     Anatolian Dragons         
8.     Under the Lunar Eclipse         
9.     Nothingness, Emptiness, Chaos         
10.     Misanthropic    

The whole running time ends right under 50 minutes....juicy!

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