tisdag 29 januari 2013

Svartkraft - II: The Twilight Void

This sophomore album from the finnish duo Svartkraft is a step up on the hell-scale from the their raw debut, their sound is is still somewhat raw but they have beefed it up a bit and the blast-beats and evil tremolo riffs & raspy demonic screamings smash your face harder now!

And besides that this second album (of four) is interesting because here is when they start to mix in some genre bending antics.
Sure it is as a whole a traditional 90´s sounding satanic black metal record but they throw in some heavy metal sounding singing parts towards the end of track 3 & some guitar melodies & solos is also clearly influenced by "hard rock".

But dont jump out of your bullet belts for that because Svartkraft blend in this with great style and care....
and then if you listen to their third and fourth records you will witness even more exprementation.

 It is cold & hatefull just like you want it and the extra touches gives it an extra push, dark clouds and sharp lightning rumbles all the way up to the cross and cracks it down.

 Ah! And by the way this duo has been in many other bands in finland that you may already know like the great Azaghal, Wyrd, Vultyr, Hellkult...

Track list: (favorites is 3 & 4)

1.     Dweller of the Twilight Void        
2.     Brightest Star, Darkest Sun         
3.     Moments of Ruin Carved in Flesh         
4.     The Lurker         
5.     Across the Nightmare Seas         
6.     The Lost Art of Necromancy    

Lasts around 36 bleak minutes.

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