fredag 18 januari 2013

Angantyr - Kampen Fortsætter

Here we have a kind of a classic, yeah its all Norway darkness in a familiar way... and if thats a good or bad thing its up to you.

For me this group have lingered in the backwater in my conscious for about ten years but i have never (until now) plucked them up and tried them out... dont ask me why because i have only heard good things about them...

Anyway now when i have heard this piece a couple of times i must say it was ABOUT TIME that i listen to Angantyr! It has both the great Burzumish ambient keyboard tracks & intros and the raw & bonedry hatefull dissonance midtempo violence you can expect from the deep damp forests of Norway.

This distorted journey has good and a bit of hypnotic build-ups and grim compositions that takes your thoughts to some early Immortal & Darkthrone but Angantyr has enough of internal personal fury & fire to escape the "clone" stamp and this record builds from spinn to spinn.

Great brooding mist is flowing through all of the songs but if i have to point out one song i like the best it is track 3-Landeplagen Skal Bort, it has a good build up from the start to finish with many interesting twist and turns.

The bonus track is really good and has a little more melodic and melancholic vibe to it and rounds off "Kampen" nicely.

The only smal negative remark is that they should kept the first cover design.

Track List:

1.     Portene Åbnes     -instrumental
2.     Stormen Fra Nord    
3.     Landeplagen Skal Bort    
4.     Stilhedens Larm      -instrumental
5.     I Der Knæler I Ynk    
6.     Da Frostvind Blæste    
7.     Sidste Kapitel I En Endeløs Fortælling     - instrumental
8.     Korset ud af Danmark (extra track)

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