lördag 5 januari 2013

Atra - Of Demise, Evil & Necromancy (Demo Collection)

As the title says this is Atras demo collection!

It contains the complete first four demo tapes and all together it has 14 tracks, You surely get a lot of meat for your cash!

First thing that strikes me (soflty) is that these demos compared to the later albums is that they have more of a introverted melancholy and not so much in the way of anger etc, the production is more like tape demos(duh!) and has a lesser clear production but it works fine, just cram up the volume and listen carefully!!

I personally prefer the albums with their stronger feelings and hatefull vibes but this demos has many other qualities like the foggy & depressive internal landscapes.... that grows and twists under your skin.

I like myself best the first and the last demos mainly for the first one to be really muddy and gloomy and the last for speeding things up a bit and has more of a stingy sound & putrid emotion.

All in all this is Atras respectable but filthy birth and if you like Atra you should own it!
And this is cd is your only chance now.

Track list:

1.     Worship         
2.     Atra Sacramentum         
3.     Soul Demise         
4.     The Altar
5.     The Chalice         
6.     Black Elegy         
7.     Beneath the Silent Souls
8.     Black Storms of Suffering         
9.     Winds of Madness Obscure    
10.     Twilight and Ruin         
11.     The Darkest Salvation
12.     Harbinger        
13.     Horizons Eclipsed with Burning Witchery         
14.     Through Night & Bloodred Dawn...         

The running time is around 55 minutes.

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