onsdag 8 oktober 2014

Banish the Posers Fest - 2014 - Evil info!

If you happen to live in or be going to Bangladesh in November don´t miss out on this holocaust that will be raging on stage at Russian Cultural Center of all places! 

Engulf these concrete words and directions from the direct source!

----Banish the Posers Fest is an annual underground extreme metal fest, organized by the extreme metal community, Primitive Invocation that has been responsible for organizing several extreme metal gigs since 2010. -----

The first edition of the fest was held on November 16, 2013 featuring both local and foreign acts like:
 Orator (Bangladesh), Nafarmaan (Bangladesh), Warhound (Bangladesh), Morbidity (Bangladesh), Lobotomy (Malaysia), Kathgor (Malaysia), Savage Deity (Thailand) and Purgation (India). 
Second edition is a follow up of the first edition and it consists of more lethal line-up as “Impiety”, the Goatfather of Asian extreme metal scene is to headline the fest. Full line up and other details of the fest has been given below:

IMPIETY (Black/Death/Thrash Metal, Singapore)
SERPENTS ATHIRST (Black Metal, Srilanka)
ORATOR (Old School Death/Thrash, Bangladesh)
NAFARMAAN (Black/Death, Bangladesh)
MORBIDITY (Old School Death Metal, Bangladesh)
ENMACHINED (Old School Thrash Metal, Bangladesh)
+ Guests

*Venue : Russian Cultural Center (RCC),Dhanmondi,Dhaka, Bangladesh
*Date : 7th November,2014 (Friday)
*Ticket : 550 TK (Pre-Sale),
*600 TK (At The Door)

Official Facebook Page of Primitive Invocation: https://www.facebook.com/primitiveinvocation
Live Report of Banish the Posers Fest, 2013 (previous edition):


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