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Order of the Heretical Trident Festival - Information Inferno -

Here is another sick festival with Impiety at its sharp peak! This one will be based in Kolkata so you know whats your dark fate is if you live there or close!
Here is some words from the source!

"Order of the Heretical Trident Festival" is conceptualized to uphold and ignite the black flame of underground extreme metal sensibility, aesthetics and essence in most uncompromising and unapologetic way. Envisioned by Extremist Black Cult - Putrid Ascendancy, Kolkata, India; the concept of this festival is to provoke and create an impulse for extreme music and support the bands with original music that comes with a point of view, hatred and misanthropic visions. 

Kolkata being one of the current epicenters for quality Extreme Metal culture, seems like the one of the best places to organize Order of the Heretical Trident Festival! 

The first edition will have local demonic entities as well invaders to conjure up a vicious line up! Invading  India for the second time, are Barbarian Black Metal Hordes from SingaporeHell - Mighty Impiety who are acclaimed for their brand of barbaric and devastating Blackened Death Metal perversions. 
worldwide and one of the pioneering extreme metal artists to emerge from Asia beside Abhorer, Sabbat or Abigail and conquer the world underground. 

Second band on this line up, is South Asia's finest Death Thrash hordes - Orator. Musically following the bloodline of Merciless and the likes, lyrically centered into realms of tantra and liberation, Orator plays pulverizing Thrashened Death Metal. Now signed to Pulverized Records, Orator is releasing their second full length named One Mad Aghori, next year end.
Third band playing in this festival are Newest Sensation from Srilanka after Genocide Shrines, Recently signed to Invictus Prods &
Cyclopean Eye Productions, Serpents Athirst play Sudamerican style black metal, very crude and bestial. 

Fourth Band is from the city itself, Kolkata. Necrodeity (Kalikshetra Blood Sect), musically driven by velocity, chaos, aggression and lyrically devoted to nightside impurity and dark mother, Goddess Kali, plays speed death metal from the throne of husk, qliphas.

Fifth band to devastate is Thrash Metal battalion from kolkata, Armament, They play no bullshit straight up old school thrash metal, a cross between brazilian tradition and teutonic sensibilities. 

Sixth band is Thrash Death maniacs Deadbolt who are largely influenced by Possessed Sepultura, Sodom, Kreator, Bathory and Death. 

and last band is city's newest black metal psychopaths Grim of Catastrophia who play black metal in nidrosian tradition.
Putrid Ascendancy, the very first and most coveted extreme music cult of Kolkata, one of the largest metros of India, often hailed as Kvltkata for its new blood spawn of anti human metal revolution and propaganda (for bands like Necrodeity, Tetragrammacide, Banish, Kapalin, Goatpanzer, Chhinnamasta, Armament etc,) has been plotting against weak metal trends since 2010 end and have been conspiring against the false traditions to eradicate and crush under their spiked boot of death! 

Putrid Ascendancy will continue its black fucking crusade with Pictavian Necrolatry - A fest in December, featuring Pictavian Bastards - Manzer , Kalikshetra Death Hordes -Necrodeity, and Occult Death Metal act - Banish to be held on DEC 14.

Here is the link to it:


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