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Perdition Winds Interview!

Congrats to the album "Aura of Suffering"!! Great to finally have something new from Perdition Winds! It was like two years ago your debut self-titled Ep got out so how has the creational work been for this album? Was it a painful birth or did the baby slide out smoothly?

-(R.Ä.) This was kind of easy birth, since we didn't have any schedules about anything, so we did all the songs ready, and even waited and rehearsed almost one year before recording those. With the EP we were a bit too hasty.
The songs for that came out pretty fast, in couple of weeks, if I remember correctly, and we started recording those pretty fast and made the EP. Now looking back, I think we should have use a bit more time for that, so that would be a bit better also. I don't think it's bad, there is just some minor details that keeps bugging me.

2. I got to know PW by accident or was it evil fate? (hehe) Due to a mishap when i ordered a cd-package from Merchant of Death distro, i got your Ep instead of a Mutiilation album! 
First i was about to write an upset mail to them to get their shit straight (all the cases was cracked also...) but then i took a listen to it and was surprisingly pleased with it and forgot all about those whiny Frenchmen!
How has this good Ep regularly been received by the audience in other words?

-(R.Ä.) I think the EP didn't get much attention at its time, but that's nothing new for a new band, so I believe that when this new album hits on, maybe someone will get some interest to check out the previous album also. Hopefully Merchant of Death will do more mishaps like that, and the album will find more satisfied listeners, ha hah!

-(J.E.) That was interesting. But that´s how it goes usually in life, things happening by a chance (or do they?). Pleased to hear that you enjoyed that EP, we have not heard much feedback on it, really.
That is due to label who released it not promoting it at all!!! So it was buried by time and dust (pun intended)! Also we agreed on vinyl version too, but I guess you´ve figured already what happened with it…
3.While talking about the Ep i really like the ending song "Path Revealed" also, as it is a good ending song it feels also like an doorway to something else...to the new album i feel now. Can you describe that tracks lyric & meaning?

-(R.Ä.) That song was my personal favorite from EP, and I wanted to make it sound a bit depressive. J.E. can open the lyrics a bit more.

-(J.E.) Lyrically speaking that track is very, very personal to me. It is my thoughts and feelings on discovering the path of the black light. Path of Lucifer, hence the title “Path Revealed”. I did not want to reveal those lyrics at the time so respect that decision and do not share more than that about it

4.To jump from Darker then Black label to Woodcut seems natural but was there some specific reason for this?

-(J.E.) First of all we would not have wanted to continue to work with them since it didn´t work out. Secondly they did not contact us about future releases anyway (DTB). Woodcut had shown interest towards us and we got into talks with Mikki, ultimately reaching common understanding.

5. Back to the album... Could you decipher the great cover arts symbolism & what subjects & themes are consecrated and poured out through all these new songs?

-(J.E.) Theme on the majority of “Aura of Suffering” LP is Satan / Lucifer and infinite nothingness = Abyss. In my lyrics I do not preach to anyone.
This is because the Draconian path is different for all. It is individual path to follow so there is no point for me to tell anyone how it should be seen. My lyrics are merely my thoughts and feelings bled to the paper. I would describe my writing process as “painting” a picture, a very dark one with blood, vomit and shades of grey… I find a guide line, some thought and “paint” this horrid picture, describing that nightmare evoked by these sounds.

-(R.Ä.) For the cover picture, I wanted to represent how the man will be reborn trough ashes with aura of suffering. Although I think the temple is human body itself, but still I drawn the picture to be happening in the temple, so it's more easy to understand.
There is 11 snakes, and the smartest ones will find the connection by discovering the booklet that comes along this album. There is also Alpha and Omega in picture, for obvious reasons. There is one picture made out of every song by me and J.K.A., and by reading the lyrics and studying the pictures, you might understand the songs a bit better.

-(J.K.A) People with same kind of mental state might decipher my lyrics and pictures, but if no one gets it, i`m fine with that. I`m not trying to sell anything.
6. I saw you played earlier this year with bands like Lantern, Pyre, Corpsessed, Lie in ruins & Tyranny at the Bar Lepakkomies! How was that night?

-(J.E.) Yeah, it was good vibe playing there and especially sharing stage (although on different days since it was 2 day happening) with Lantern and Pyre! Otherwise everything were just fine except we missed almost entirely second guitar because of technical difficulties, hah!
7.And at the end of this month you will play at the Light Of The Black Sun II! Looks like it could
be a great event too!

-(J.E.) Yes, that is correct. It is a Finland mini tour entitled “Light of the Black Sun II” by Black Death and Blood Red Fog. We are just in supporting role at Helsinki night. That gig will be a release party also for “Aura of Suffering”. Helsinki date is October 30th 2014.

8. Is there any Hitler in the band? I mean is there one of you that like to run the show with an iron hand more then the other members or is there nice democracy residing in the horde?

-(R.Ä.) Luckily no. Would suck big time if there would some asshole telling others what to do all the time. If there would be that kind of guy in the band, then I wouldn't be part of the band anymore.

-(J.K.A) There couldn`t even be one, because no one in the band takes shit from anyone. You can have an opinion or an idea, then it either goes somewhere or gets shot in the head.

9.As this year soon ends do you know something that´s lays in store for next year?

-(J.E.) We are currently working on new material but can´t say in what form that should be out nor when. What comes to playing live, we have been signed to perform at Turku on “Turku Saatanalle III” event on 20.-22.2.2015. So far the other bands on the bill are Temple of Baal, Hoath, Hellspirit and Vanhelga, but more is in the pipeline.

-(R.Ä.) There is some half finished song structures in my mind, but how those will be transformed at the end, will see... Also we have one song ready and recorded for the split with Russian band Drama, but let's see if we can find a publisher for it.

10.Thanks for your answers!
Last cold word is yours!

-(J.E.) Promoters get in touch at: perditionwinds@gmail.com

Hail Lucifer!

Bar Lepakkomies 14.3.2014
Photo by Sampo Turunen

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