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Lord of Pagathorn Interview!

1. Greetings! Great to have you here inside of RAW WAR! 
How has your day been in Helsinki?

C: Hail! It has been busy day here once again. Our first full-length “Nekros Phillia” is coming out from Woodcut Records 31st of October, so lots of things to do before that special date!

2.Last time (and first) I wrote something regarding Lord of Pagathorn was a review on your great EP "Shine Throvgh My Scars, Morning Star!", besides the Venom cover was this song  planned from the start to be on the full album? The song feels to me like a passage or a guiding light both towards this album and also spiritually wise... 

C: Shine throvgh my scars, Morning Star title song was originally written for that 7”EP. It was never planned to be included in Nekros Philia full-length.

3.As the promo/demo "MSILIHPORCEN" was said to be a part of the "whole" does that mean that  these songs is also on the album?

C: Yes, “MSILIHPORCEN” demo 2010 was presenting Chapters I-III from the “Nekros Philia” album. We re-recorded those songs again to “Nekros Philia” album with little bit of changes here and there.

4. I read some time ago that there were plans to re-release your first demo "The Chaos Spirit Among Us", is that still in the plans and if so who will put it out? Vinyl or on cd?

C: We are going to release both first demos (Rehearsal demo 1993 & “The Chaos Spirit Among Us” demo 1994 as a vinyl format during the year 2015. Vinyl will be released by Satanic Records from México. Also Satanic Records going to release “Nekros Philia” album as a cassette version too!

5. The structure is interesting and dynamic, what was the thoughts behind this kind of album build up? And for how long has the album been in the works?

C: “Nekros Philia” was massive project. I got the theme album idea around the year 2005 and I wrote the lyrics during the year 2007. Before that of course I had to make studies and background search which we related to necrophilia cases, rituals and human behavior. Searching the new line up, rehearsing the songs, recording, mixing and mastering took several years too.
 Finally the album is coming out!

6. Regarding the album title "Nekros Philia" I can quess fairly easily what´s the main theme is it correct to assume that this album is a conclusion of your sophia gotten through your personal experience through your way in the left hand path? Or is the album the sound of the journey towards a coming new knowledge in this field?

C: Sometimes it is just better to let the readers to make their own conclusions. So grab the “Nekros Philia” album and drown into its mysteries.

7. As you been involved more or less in the Finnish underground way back from the early 90´s what would you say is the biggest difference now in Finland compared to then? And how do you feel the Finnish media value the death & black metal "scene" as it is a (as an outsider looking in) vast & prominent force? Not that it matters just curious...

C: When we started back then in the year 1992 here was only few bands, especially black metal bands. Now we have lots of more bands than back then but of course whole scene has grown a lot in general during these years. I don´t know if it is good, I think Finnish media is not interested of death or black metal bands in our country.

8. Just as your last EP this album is graced with a splendid cover artwork! Who did it and how did you come in contact? Has the artist done some other work one should know of?

C: “Shine throvgh my scars, Morning Star!” 7”EP cover artwork was made by Helgorth from Babalon Graphics. He also made album artwork for our upcoming “Nekros Philia” full-length. Helgorth has worked with many bands such as Behexen, Arckanum, Blut aus Nord etc. I knew Mr. Helgorth personally before we started to do co-work.

9. Is the right moment for Lord of Pagathorn to climb up on stage any time soon?

C: We have been thinking about it but at this moment we are not doing any live rituals.

10 .Thanks for your time and answers.

C: Thank you for the interview. I hope that those who are interested of Lord of Pagathorn, going to grab the “Nekros Philia” record to their hands and let the mysteries of “Nekros Philia” possess them!

-/Corpselord X/2014 A.B/-

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