fredag 31 oktober 2014

Entsetzlich - Eternal Funeral Cries

Here we have the first full length from this horrid Australian 1-corps band Entsetzlich!
After 4 demos, 3 splits, 1 Ep & one compilation album finally one has the chance to be fully suffocated by these eight ghastly songs!

For those who not already know about this bands sound... it hovers in the realm of the almost dead, the croaked gestalt of "the end" is fuzzing coldly the strings out over the field of the damned, this is a discomforting journey in the name of  both external & internal distress and hate.

As much as it has black metal vibes (as in track 5&6 for example) it has very much a coating of the ambient noise genre as many parts of this release disregards of any typical song structures (which Azathoth makes good use of) and shoots off to the edge of sanity & builds up the tracks in a slowly sinking collage pattern... surfaces as other drowns in itself... screams & mutterings unleashes both negativity and strength in a much vile way.
In its natural paradox of suicidal atmosphere & elitist stand point it gives the listeners a punch in the stomach and/or in the face.... resulting in either confusion or resolution.

As one sits through the whole album in one go it really gets under your skin and a claustrophobic weight is holding you down, a good deed and a great accomplish in my book.

So yeah Entsetzlich is maybe not for the everyday BM-Joe but that is just how it should be also as the BM climate is becoming a sanitized entity this type of unwelcoming acts is very much needed.

Track list:

1.     Contemplating the End of Life    
2.     Mesmerized by the Infinite Void    
3.     Condemned to Failure    
4.     The Cold Wind Rages Through The Dying Forest        
5.     On the Path towards the Funeral Gates
6.     From Hateful Visions    
7.     Curse the Abyss Part I        
8.     Desolate and Forsaken Nights

This cd version is released by the great Deathcult label!

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