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Diabolus Amator Interview!

First i like to say congrats to the now released debut album "The Dawn of a New Flame"!

- Thank you brother its been a long time in the making and I'm happy its finally been released.

2.When you started out working on this record what where your visions and what where
your goals? Has it been easy ride or bumpy?

-Honestly with this record, my vision was to spread the message of black metal and what it truly means and to give people something different in regards to USBM.
The true goal behind this album for me was to speak out my hatred of religion, man made lies. As well as put my foot down against the whole "raw/static" trend lately.  I felt I should go back to the roots of what black metal used to be about, and stay true to my own music, message and still make it, "Unique" in a sense.
So far it has been quite enjoyable and stress free.

3.If understand correctly Diabolus Amator is a one man band? What is your main reason
for doing this alone? And how would you describe your satanic path?

-Yes, it has seen some live session members but ultimately it has, and always will be, me.
My view on being a one man band is simple, but complex. Most bands these days play occult metal for the shock value and the stage shows/cinematics are dull and over done. If I can play all the instruments needed, complete a record, without the gimmick of a live performance for the shock value, false pretendance of pseudo-satanism and still capture your attention WITHOUT the elitist mindset....then I have done a small part of what I am here to do.
My path in satanism varies. A lot of spiritual enlightenment is organized and false, every one wants to just blindly be led by something or someone to feel safe, be it a belief of Satan himself is your savior or by believing that the bible is just flipped and god, the yahweh is just an evil figure out to condemn humanity. The is truly what being a satanist/luciferian is not about. Lucifer is a philosophy, a mindset to seek your own truths, your own way of spiritual enlightenment and to find what truly works for you, free from the human ego and morals. To seek knowledge, is truly what being a satanist is.

4.I think i saw you are or where active in some other bands, can you say something about

-My previous projects, all but one, have been learning experiences.
Those who pretend, will surely fail.

5.How is Winchester growing up in? And where there some bands in that area that one should know of? What is the general view on black metal there?

-My hometown was heavily christian influenced and very rejective of black metal. Growing up in it was like living in a place where you could not be yourself. I love my home don't get me wrong but my place is not there.

6.Could you shed some light on these three songs?
Black Sun, Opening the Eye  & Unbroken Will of Lucifer

-Black sun is about the vampiric shade in all occult workings, Lilith.
To drain energy from someone, be them enemy or unknown in the astral plain is a very "unique" experience.
Opening the eye is about awakening the eye of the mind, in working with Thoth. For opening the mind is the key to opening your eyes.Unbroken will of Lucifer signifies rebellion against conformity and removal of the spiritual being.

7.Who did the design & art to this first album?

-Riaj Gragoth of Luciferium War Graphics, in conjunction with assistance from Morbid of Happy Days.

8.Any merch on its way?

-Yes, shirts, patches and much more will be available later in the month of September.

9.What are Diabolus Amator close future plans now after this release?

-Continue the writing process for the beast that is the next release "Pure American Hate".
And to possibly look at some live performances. That, is still to be determined.

10.Thanks for your time , last word is yours!

-I would like to extend my thanks to you for this interview, for the taking the time to like and support my music, and to each and every legion of the abyss that supports Diabolus Amator.
In the dark corners we wait, to once more join the circle that is the coven in the black metal elite.

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