onsdag 16 september 2015

Huqueymsaw - Goatfuk Havoc Slaughter Hell

It is not very often i get to listen to some South Korean music so that in itself is a nice thing,  the band/album etc then feels interesting almost by default.

Before i pressed play i got a positive impression of it, i thought -This must be some sick Korean mutation of Mayhems "Deathcrush" (yeah partly from the layout/design) and some ugly 90´s death metal!
...And i dare to say i am pretty close but at the same time i would not say their music sounds like they worship Mayhem or similar but has a similar maniac attitude and rough production, they would fit in without a problem between 1987-1993.

I totally forgot any type of nationality after some seconds into this Ep (from 2014) kicked off!
Great anarchic punkish drive combined an early death/Thrash metal atmosphere rises up from the putrid graves and whips up a head banging idiot in me haha!
So one can say this has a more rocking grove to it rather then some of the more unwelcoming "complicated" death metal, they have though some surprising twist & turns in the compositions and they feel pretty free in the way of doing things and not so colored by the many know vivid forefathers in this type of ass kicking metal which is nice. You both feel at home and also gets a fresh cut into your eardrums.

Sure one can find some obvious and funny "Engrish" like the title "Witch Metalfuck Hell" and some lyrics sounds a bit like that (not that i really hear exactly what is sung...) but the vocals is good and alco-raspy enough so that does not take away any enjoyment  and also in their own description they even say that some of the lyrics is parody & humor so....they know pretty much what they doing. And a extra plus for the drummer by the way! Not maybe so advanced but he Mr. M.U.N.B.A has an riveting and fucking sweet drive to it and gives the music a great base motor to roll on with.

All in all a ball busting demonic release that should be spread and listen to!

As an extra on this cd one gets a demo from this year called "Black bastards´speed metal" but even if this is also cool stuff it does not really come near the actual Ep as they here engages in more improvised (?) noisy guitar screaming and slamming..like some long hell-outro hehe. It is nice to have it as a bonus though.

Regarding their name: "Pronounced "hook-yum-so" (heukyeomso) which translates to "black goat" in English. "

Track list:

1.     Into the Goatfuck Massacre         
2.     Goatslaughter Havoc Mountain Hell         
3.     The Satanationale        
4.     Witch Metalfuck Hell         
5.     Damned in Blackthrash        
6.     The Serpent's Creep         
7.     Huqueymsaw         
8.     Outro - The End of Goatfuck
9.      Black bastards´speed metal (2015 demo, only on cd)

Cd released by Misanthropic Art Productions and tape i think was a self release.

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