tisdag 29 september 2015

DRAATH Interview!

First i like to say congrats to the at last released "Black Slumber"

-Thank you and I am really glad someone stepped up to represent this recording. OBVN did a fantastic job.

2.First thing i like to ask why it took around 7 years to
release this beast? Besides life did you had other business to attend to
like other band activities? And how did you come in contact with the
Obscure vanity label?

-This album was recorded and intended to be a "private" recording. After a while of keeping it silent I forwarded the recording to Justin of whom I have known for many years now. He expressed interest in releasing it and now it has been done.

3.Second thing is how did Draath start in the first place and what
vision did you have for it? It feels like a personal journey...

-DRAATH is a derivative of a surname I use which is Drathrul. Since I did all of the performance and recording and yes, a personal journey, I decided to shorten it to DRAATH for this recording. It was conceived at a very dark time and that's how it started.

4.Besides this album did you release some limited rehearsals or similar?

-No, this is the only DRAATH recording in existence.

5.On the flyer for this album it lays heavy focus DEATH worship, how does your
 necromantic interest look like and true to the sound of your spells
this feels appropriate as notes for ritualistic meditation...how
would you describe the experience from start to finish on "Black Slumber"?

-It is a very suffocating album, enveloped in total darkness. It was 100% improvised as to keep the spirit of true darkness prevalent. This is the product of the ritual, all recorded in one day in one sitting.

5b. Can you shed some light on the final song "Arrival Acceptance of the Throne of Hell"?

-Transcendence into the abyss of the mind, claiming the throne of one's own personal Hell. Embracing the all encompassing darkness.

6.What does Draath stand for? First i thought it had to do with Daath the
secret sephira where tidal forces of positive and negative come together.
Do you have interest in qliphoth?

-As stated above, it is a derivative of my surname Drathrul used in my other band ANU. And no, I have very little interest in previous writings or other person's ideas. This is my own vision. (--Here is where the 1334 comes in i guess?)

7.How is it to live in Richmond, Virginia? Is there some new active bands one
should know of?

- Richmond is pretty alright. Lots of great bands here, and most are of the post-punk / deathrock vein. Shadow Age for one and my own NEUROLOGY. being old-school Industrial based on magick...

8.Regarding all bleak and strange stuff happening nowadays in your country (well its fucked all over the world i guess)what is your views on Jade Helm 15, FEMA camps and Obama?

- I have no interest in these things until they begin to affect me directly. Then there will be a problem.

9.Whats the coming plans after this release?

-The future is hard to predict. I create very many different styles and types of music. Whatever strikes me next I guess. NEUROLOGY. takes up much of my time and so do a few others.

10.Thanks for your time!

-Thank you for this interview. 1334

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