torsdag 10 september 2015

Tetragrammacide - Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ

Having heard their debut demo and recently their contribution on the 3-way split Tetra has made
a lasting impression on me and also for what it seems a pretty sizable portion of the underground, for the new & coming listeners i could describe this band with many words and also with few as "total Tellus annihilation" or "Sonic soul devastation" but easiest is to listen for yourselves. (as always)

Here is a statement from this India (Kolkata, West Bengal) based band:

''Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ' is a product of
exoteric ophidian revelations and contains bonafide threats from the innermost
hidden void of ancient Kalikshetra's Raktachakra. This work was performed under
strict guidance of 'Typhonian Aiwass' and reveals extraterrestrial signals,
frequencies and consecrated g-noise-sis from the shadowside.
We hand this sonic-thesis over to those who seek it to hack the codes of
Tetragrammaton and open up the nexions to the otherside.
These data are not for faint-hearted and servants of morality. Strictly for
those who are willing to feed the Serpent through an endless cosmic genocide!"

- Tetragrammacide

That pretty sums it up i guess but also creates many questions and frenetic dictionary searches...i can go along pretty much of their very elaborate descriptions of their audial minefields but the "reveals extraterrestrial signals"... i dont know hehe.
Sounds intriguing anyway.

As in my last review of them i compared them to Nyogthaeblisz which still stays true here but
 it has its own very peculiar acid rain storm attached to it and also the oriental
exotism is very tangible which is a big plus in my book (of death)... So in other words
Tetragrammacides music is of a very distorted & twisted wall of noise but it is done in such a calculated evil
fashion that it exhumes a highly sinister atmosphere, so i guess you by now gets that Tetragrammacide
dont make songs in traditional patterns or compositions... and it does not need it...
...But their many strong descriptions (as quoted above) almost comes to life when you press play and are engulfed (or should i say fried) within this release, it sure will not let anyone comfortable off the hook....they rather like to see your face burn up from some air born toxic chemical load.
A plus for the surreal artwork by Alex Shadrin

Track list
1.     Intro        
2.     Paramilitant Entropic Initiation    
3.     Intricate Acosmic Engineering        
4.     Interlude        
5.     Extra-Terroristical Chaosophic Intelligence         
6.     Eructation of Anti-Existential Consciousness    
7.     Outro

The 7" is released by Iron Bonehead Productions
And the tape by Behold Barbarity (look flyer)

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