torsdag 3 september 2015

Unrest / Idolatry - Infection Born of Ending

Unrest rustles its way into the start of this quite bizarre split, Unrests sound is pretty raw and messy and has no interest to welcome the listener which is in this case...welcomed.
It has both an unplanned & planned vibe to it thus it dont comes off as just bad played raw one-man BM but takes your mindset to an insecure state and attacks it with sudden blasts and fuzz and shit...nice start!

To end this split Idolatry gets the throne of flies to sit on as they have prepared a seven minutes (and 10 sec) long journey into the dark towers of a psychotic king(not literary) , the music here is well played and structured while nothing new they do their job and emits both darkness & vastness...and to this drama the vocals (the sick emperor) wanders around in a jail of pain and...questions... that is what i feel from the gurgeling, muddy gremlin vocals i feel he has issues he seek answers to....but in that black chambers he walks for the rest of his life with only the echos of his voice.
The last segment of this song changes a bit and some kind of strength comes forth via clear doomy spoken words and gives of both an exiting opening for their next release and also as a fitting chilling end to this split.

Track list:

Side A
1.Unrest - Of Filth 
Side B
2.Idolatry - Clefs au Chambre de Tristêsse / ...Once Thought of Webs

Released by   Appalachian Noise Records

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