fredag 11 september 2015

Sacrimoon / Cyhiraeth / Warground - Suicide Delusions

Here is a 3-way split i have had in plans to review for quite a while now not that it is ground breaking in any way or so but it is a split well worth seeking out...if one is a fan of the rawer end of raw that is.

So yeah this is a quite unfriendly sounding split and each band has its own specific primitive sounding production, so first i understand why Warground (Canada) comes out first because it is really the best of these three ones with a thick sounding atmosphere that i really enjoy, kind of a wall of smokey reverb and hate that draws bits of my mind towards DTL superb "As the Blood Flows on... " track.
Once ones ear adjust to Wargrounds sound murky guitar solos and nice parts comes out of the woodwork, the howling vocals melt more or less into the whole sound but thats ok here, second track is also a long great ambient track with minor nice selected notes spread through out it, track 3 & 4 returns to the rawness and kills off some minutes of your worthless life in a quite grand fashion... must check out more from Warground obviously.

Next comes Cyhiraeth (USA) which has not as thick raw sound but is a bit chillier and noizy and feels quite good, second songs guitar reminds me of some Wulkanaz style. All in all an ok & traditional but witchy contribution to the split.

At last we have  Sacrimoon (Mexico) which starts out with a somber instrumental piece thats very simple and standard but has a working downbeat vibe for sure, rest of  Sacrimoons tracks lacks much of the above bands engulfing productions and compositions and falls quite flat. He has some cool ideas here but not so much more...

So pretty much i would say its worth to get this mainly for the first bands contribution but it is a true obscure release through out, and you get much ritual music for the price.

150 copies was produced of this by  Caligo Arcanum Productions

Track list:

1.     Warground - By the Hand of God        
2.     Warground - Broken        
3.     Warground - Blood Tide        
4.     Warground - Your Holiness Has Failed        
5.     Cyhiraeth - Ancient Cry of Lost Wisdom        
6.     Cyhiraeth - Skadi Bonn        
7.     Cyhiraeth - Ankou the Collector (End Me)        
8.     Cyhiraeth - Invoking Your Inner Sorrow        
9.     Sacrimoon - Solitude and Coldness        
10.     Sacrimoon - Autumn Depression        
11.     Sacrimoon - Life, Depression & Death        
12.     Sacrimoon - Eternal Pain

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