lördag 29 december 2012

Lurk - Lurk

Here we have one of 2012 years best albums! Lurk is an finnish death/doom/sludge band that do everything just right!

Its sound has some parts of Neurosis, Triptykon & Entombed (yeah it also sounds like a mutated Lg Petrov at the mic.) and some parts throw in some mean doomish tunes just to return to some groundhitting headbanging death! It is heavy & brutal and gloomy & you love get massacred by Lurk all night long!

This debut album will put this four finnish men on the map!

Track list:

1.     Soar    
2.     Unfinished    
3.     Codec of Becoming God    
4.     Fire the Blood Sky    
5.     Pitch Beneath Eternity    
6.     Deliverance    

what more can i say? Just listen to it!

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