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Nocturnal Damnation Interview!

1. Hails! 
Welcome to the RAW WAR crypt!

Bestial Desekrator: Hails! It is pleasure to interview with RAW WAR crypt!!

2. As i understand Nocturnal Damnation was born somewhere in Seoul in South Korea back in 2010? 
How did you guys find each other?  

Bestial Desekrator: Yes Nocturnal Damnation birthed in 2010. I was asked by a ex-member "Infernal Saviour Of Nuclear Onslaught & Warmageddon" to join a recording session. In 2013 he went back to an other band though.

3. What kind of view has the regular Korean person towards death & black metal?

Bestial Desekrator: The current situation is that most Korean persons  lean towards more of melodic death & power, symphonic black/gothic, metalcore, post thrash... It sucks! 
I have nothing to do with that korean metal scene.

4. Where do you get most of your inspiration for the music and lyrics? 

Bestial Desekrator: Always been a part of my earlier influences these brilliant albums from "BLASPHEMY, SARCOFAGO, VENOM, ARCHGOAT, BLACK WITCHERY, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, cult demo from NECROVORE, MERCYFUL FATE, BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD and other great bestial black/death metal albums..."

5. How was it when you created the first release "Sadogoat Warmageddon Command - Promo 2011" and how did the people react to it?

Bestial Desekrator: It was fine when it came out! Many peoples supported our band especially bestial black metal maniacs. 

6.The next year was really busy i presume? Which bands was on the two splits "Bloodshed for the Wargods" & "Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War"? 

Bestial Desekrator: Yeah.. you can presume. We joined forces with these bestial comrades! Purification Kommando(Denmark) & Seges Findere(Brazil) split 12" LP "Bloodshed for the Wargods" Nihil Domination(Ecuador) split 7" EP "Baphometic Goat of Thermonuclear War".

7. Even your first full album came out the same year "Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion". How would you describe the album? Did it came out like you wanted?

Bestial Desekrator: Yes we had first full-length "Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion". Hmmm... It is pure bestial black/death metal album for fans BLASPHEMY, SADOMATOR, BLACK WITCHERY, ARCHGOAT... Honestly, I was not satisfied with the sound quality. 
When we made the songs some mistakes was at the mixing table & also when it got mastered. I wanted many more songs also, unfortunately ex-member didn't composed songs any more by that time. 
By the way I really wanted to do a cover song but we couldn't.

8. How has the member line up been since the start?

Bestial Desekrator: In 2010, line-up consisted Bestial Desekrator Of Sexual Fornications and Goetic Ritual(Vocal) and Infernal Saviour(Recording session for Guitars, Bass, Drums) until 2013. The present is made up of Bestial Desekrator Of Sexual Fornications and Goetic Ritual(Vocals), P.(Guitars, Bass, Drums).

9. How was the year 2013?

Bestial Desekrator: Well... not good, just mediocre.

10. As you wrote on the bands FB timeline "Expect new war hymns!!!!!!" I guess there is some nasty stuff on its way?

Bestial Desekrator: Yeah!  Basically it will not completely change our style but we have a changed line-up so you can expect so much the better sound quality.

11. Best of luck now for your future wars! 
Last scream is yours!          

Bestial Desekrator: Thanks for the interview Jan & Raw War crypt. 
Worship the Nuclear Damnation or Die!!! 

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