torsdag 19 juni 2014

The True Werwolf - Winternight - Demo VIII

Well this entity is in no need for an introduction. If you dont already know TTW.... well that is nothing to brag about. hehe

Here we have the eight demo fittingly named "Winternight", so what have Mr Graf Werwolf cooked up for us this time around? ...Hmm to describe it can be a bit tricky but these six offerings is quite far from what you heard on Battlemoon, Death Music Compilation, Vampyric Magick and more like the utterly morbid and frosty stuff that is on Endless Journeys! (i understand that Astral Temple released these two at the same time)

There is no traditional black metal songs here but more wind filled low-fi organ pieces and hellborn noiZeZ.
It sounds like he have crawled up in to some castel tower attic and in total solitude unleashed his winterbeasts! It serves its purpose well and if you did not already felt sick this will do the trick i am sure.

 TTW is like a close secret evil twin to Werwolfs that gets rolling when der Führer gets his "fits" and need to pour it out that neither fits SW or ...Armour. TTW is both unwelcoming and a bit schizofrenic and dont care is your satanic ass is scratched or not and thats IS something great i think. hehe

Get this if you like to get some uncomforting luceferian tunes from the dark... who knows how fucked up demo 9 will sound, i love it!


1.     Entrance into Winternight's Kingdom        
2.     Sad Eyes of the Dead Raven        
3.     When Horns of the Goat Lacerate Christian Flesh        
4.     The Inverted Crucifixion        
5.     When Only Darkness Remains        
6.     Buried, Scourged and Forever Convulsed    

An obvious tip here but if you can buy this re release! Superb quality!

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