lördag 8 december 2012

Atra - Death Coven

From the rotten and cracked underground-soil in Australia comes this quite primitive & raw band Atra, for you how dont know this band i can say it somewhat takes you back to 90´s when LLN where pesting around in France,  it  has some touches of Drowning the Light quite naturally...

 Also from the OAA cult (Ordo Ater Anguis).

So it should not come as a surprise that Atra has an hatefull and depressing aura, all of the ten tracks is sinking deep into your brain and dragging you down the well outside in the cold winter night.

 My personal choice is the songs 2, 7,10.

1.     Introduction     
2.     Moonless Night     
3.     Death Coven    
4.     Seven Plagues by Seven Centuries         
5.     Empires of Melancholy         
6.     Interlude         
7.     Black Spells Written in Funeral Smoke         
8.     To Consult the Spheres of Death and Dying        
9.     Bloodred Horizons of Eternity         
10.   The Gate        

 A great record everything from the bleak artwork to the harrowing music is just right for its purpose.

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