lördag 15 december 2012

Min Kniv - Av Aske

To get this rerelease (the first tape was from Fossbrenna) from Terratur Possession of Min Kniv - Av Aske demo was something that lingered in my head for some time and now when i finaly got it i´m not disappointed, there is a danger in building up an internal hyper around some band or album just from a feeling... but this time it turned out well.

The music here is in the Depressive Suicide Black Metal style and you can hear echoes from Forgotten Woods and Burzum ( like the singing style & effects.) etc.

This demo has 3 pretty long tracks (from 6 min to around 10 min) that slowly evolves and builds up a cold aura of loneliness & sorrow, it drift in and out from slow and faster parts and in the second song there is a long keyboard interlude that works great. The singning is evoking some pain and when the three songs end you feel that Av Aske has succeed in fucking with your emotions just as its intent, good job!

The only thing i miss here is more songs or that this two member group will get out new material soon!

Its good but a little to little.

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