fredag 21 december 2012

Infuneral - Torn from the Abyss

If you hunger for some traditional but good black metal from Sweden (or whatever) Infunerals second album "Torn from the Abyss" can work pretty well if you ask me, both fittingly brutal & hatefull and even a bit melancholic & sometimes nice melodic parts (some an choir parts too) that gives the whole record a great balance.
You have the tremolos and blast beats and raspy (a bit darker voice then the usual "raven" style) songstyle so nothing new there under the moon but it is done in a stabile and convincing maner so you should like it. Somber & nihilistic from the start to finish.

Track list:

1.     I        
2.     Reveal the Horns         
3.     To Inter with Funeral Rites         
4.     The Plague of Humanity         
5.     II         
6.     Dust         
7.     A Scent of Death         
8.     The Circle Master         

Best songs: 2,3,7

The devil commanded me to buy EVERYTHING i could find from them!! Ha Ha ha... or something.

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