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Drowning the Light - Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride

Rewind your clock to 2007 for a moment and listen to two of (of 9(?) releases)  DTL´s dark installations that got out that year.

This cd combines both the "Of Celtic..." album & the "Flames of Sacrifice" demo into one vile entity!

The first 8 songs that start the record is the "Of Celtic..." and i must say it has the strongest material (not that "Flames..." is far behind.) The raw buzzy guitars is like always dominant as is Azgorhs hatefull & mourning shrieks! The drums trashes on in the name of damnation...
Dont hunt for the bass though!
If you ask me i dont think it is need here anyway.

The lyrics is great, this work is about Azgorhs bloodline and it is also interesting how he fuses his satanic beliefs into it all. Worth reading!

It sounds majestic, ugly yet strong and very much Drownig the Light !!
This may not be his strongest work as an whole but it has many bloody gems like "My Honour is True" & Last Breath (this track is a moody instrumental piece with clear tunes.)

Track list:

1.     The Cry of the Wolf         
2.     Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride         
3.     My Honour is True         
4.     Fight... Till the Lonesome End         
5.     Immortal Bloodline         
6.     To the End of Time Part II         
7.     Lucifer, He Who Lights My Path         
8.     Last Breath

And now for the last part the demo "Flames of Sacrifice"!
Its best song is the first one "Blood on the Altar of Time" with a strong & hard driving melody and painfull singning, the only song thats a bit too sloppy is the "the Pathway to Oblivion" where it sounds like they improvise much of the time... luckly the screams is extra sorrowfull here.

It has a few more segments with speed compared to the former part but it fits well rubbing shoulder with it anyway....but who whould suspect anything else?
Sweet evil & muddy demo from the land down under.

Track list:

1.     Blood on the Altar of Time          
2.     The Dead of Winter          
3.     Flames of Sacrifice          
4.     The Pathway to Oblivion          
5.     Last Sunset of a Dying Autumn, Pt. 2          

Not so much more to say rather then this is a typical & great DTL album with its killing ups & chilling downs.

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