söndag 9 december 2012

Necrocurse - Shape of Death

On this dreary sunday i felt i needed an extra kick in my ass so i put on the compilation-cd "Shape of Death" from the Swedish death metal bastards Necrocurse! And it worked pretty well i might say!

With Hellbutcher (Nifelheim) screaming on the vocals and the rest of the ratpack from diversity of bands (Masticator, Runemagick) murdering their way ahead through the graveyards and onward this felt soo right!

Instead of an aura of grayness that this day offered me i now got splatter of blood and guts and really groovy and hard hitting songs all the way to the setting sun. (sure it is only 5 songs but put it on repeat goddamn it!)

The death metal Necrocurse create is inspired more by older death then the "modern" ones.

The shaped cd is nice and fun but remember it cant be played on vacuum players etc...

Track list:

1.     Shape of Putrid Abomination         
2.     Insane Curse of Morbidity         
3.     Chaos Carnage Cataclysm         
4.     Dust to Flesh (The Evocation)         
5.     Souls of a Thousand Funerals         

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