lördag 22 december 2012

Degial - Death´s Striking Wings

Usually when a "hype" is boosting something i don't get especially affected by it but this time the hype around Degials first full album did get me to salivating a bit extra....

...But as everyone knows that a Hype is a hype is a hype and nothing more.

So the first round of listening at this record i was a bit mentally distracted by the...hype and did not get so exited of the music i heard then, but after the second & third spinn i got into it as i should have been in the first place and i liked it!
Sure there is a lot of Morbid Angel worshipping here (nothing wrong with that!) but they bring a lot to the table from there own brains & pockets.
It is both old school and timeless (could been done in 1995 or in 2025), both furious & feral but i feel (even know after like 10 spinns) that some tracks is a bit on the cold side (track 5) and not as feverishly unholy as one hoped for... (like track 3!!)

But most of the time Degial is smashing your face in with an great effort like in one of the albums best songs "Swarming"! Here you get your bloody money worth with a lot of thundering & hysteria in an evil fitting way!
Song seven is also one of the better tracks here and the last one is also great & eerie.

The production is good with both enough clearity and enough roughness to please one´s senses.
It is a good album but i belive that Degials next album and/or the one after that will fullfill its hype much better. They show much potential so i will surely follow them along the way down to hell.

Dont get me wrong " Death´s Striking Wings" is good & worth getting by all means but dont go out hoping for some death metal revolution...

Track list:

1.     Eye of Burial Tempest    
2.     Serpent's Tide    
3.     Swarming    
4.     Chaos Chant    
5.     Death's Striking Wings    
6.     Temple in Whirling Darkness         
7.     Perpetual Fire    
8.     Black Grave (The Gateway)         

Next step is to hunt down the rare vinyl ep "Death and Darkness Buries All...." ! I have heard it and i liked it too plus the artwork is striking!

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